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Cammy Dierking

TV News and Sports Anchor for more than 28 years. Ironman Triathlete. Cammy is an edu-tainer who radiates energy and enthusiasm. She inspires audiences to pursue their passion and live their dreams and does so with humor and style. Audiences LOVE Cammy!

Expertise: Positive Attitude, Women’s Health, Wellness and Fitness, Creating Balance.

Fee: $5,000

Cammy Dierking

Marcia Wieder

Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder of Dream University®, is a best-selling author of 14 books. Marcia speaks on lectures to companies worldwide on visionary thinking and how to Dream Big.

Featured on the Today show and Oprah several times as the “passion expert” and in her own PBS-TV special, called Making Your Dreams Come True…. She is a top rated speaker for the Young Presidents Organization.

Expertise: Inspiration, visionary thinking, achieving dreams, success

Fee: $10,000

Chuck Bolton

Expert “C-level” executive coach specializing in working with senior leaders and top teams, assisting them to become their best and win. Author of “Leadership Wipeout” and “The Dirtiest Little Secret in Business.” Expert source for national media including NBC, FOX, and CBS.

Expertise: “C-level Leadership, “C-level” Branding, Top Team Performance, Candor, Results

Fee: $15,000 – 17,500

Robin Sax

NBC Legal Analyst Robin Sax is a nationally renowned former prosecutor and victim’s advocate. Author of Amazon’s best selling Predators and Child Molesters: What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Kids Safe and It Happens Every Day: Inside the World of a Sex Crimes D.A, to name a few!

Expertise: Child Sexual Assault, Family Violence, Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Human Trafficking, Internet Safety, and the criminal justice system — full list available on Robin’s website.

Fee: Negotiable

Dion Jordan

Branded as “The Potentialist”, Dion is a recognized authority on peak potential and personal development. He has appeared in local and national media, from USA Today to the Oprah Winfrey Show. Dion is a highly acclaimed author of four books, including his bestseller, “All That It Takes Is All That You’ve Got.”

Expertise: Peak Potential, Leadership

Fee: $8000-$10,000

Robin Jay

Author of “The Art of the Business Lunch ~ Building Relationships Between 12 and 2”

President of TwoBirds, Inc., a publishing company

Expertise: Business Relationships, Sales Success, Business Protocol & Etiquette, Achieving Goals, Teambuilding

Fee: $7,500 – $10,000

Andy Ebon

Author of “99 Wedding Marketing Tips and 10 Things You Should Never Do

Publisher of The Wedding Marketing Blog.

Expertise: Social Media, Facebook, Applied Technology in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Motivation

Fee: $5,000 – 7,500

Brenda Bence

Internationally-recognized branding expert, author of 6 books including the award-winning How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo series of personal branding books. Harvard MBA, certified senior executive coach, and 25 years managing mega brands in 50 countries and 4 continents. Dynamic speaker brings both corporate and personal branding to life for audiences.

Expertise: Corporate/Personal Branding, Leadership Branding, Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank, Successful Coaching On-the-Job

Fee: $12,000 – $15,000

Marion Richardson

Acclaimed professional and personal development expert and author. Known for her humor and sharing candid life experiencesm Marion empowers people to be more successful, effective, and satisfied both at work and at home.

Expertise: Motivation, Leadership, Personal/Professional Development, Corporate Culture; Compliance, Healthcare.

Fee: $7,500

Christine Ferguson

Author, speaker, and founder of End Leadership Hunger – a pioneering movement to crush the leadership deficit – Christine has more than 20 years’ experience in business, entrepreneurship, and breakthrough training programs. Her power and passion to “win victories for humanity” and businesses result in dynamic presentations and outcomes.

Expertise: Personal Development, Motivation/Inspiration, Leadership, Innovation.

FEE: $5,000

Tanya Brown

Nicole Brown Simpson’s youngest sister, Tanya Brown, speaks out on mental health and wellness. Through sharing her personal experiences with emotional distress, Tanya enlightens audiences on how to turn life’s challenges into overall mental wellness.

Tanya shares strategies for recognizing and acknowledging stressful situations and offers coping techniques for effective self-care to manage stress, depression, and anxiety in order to achieve an optimal quality of life.

Expertise: Mental Health and Wellness, Inspiration, Domestic Violence

Fee: $7,500

Robbie Chaney

Robbie Chaney is a Coach U graduate dedicated to creating balance and stability at work and at home. Robbie supports entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals discover new pathways for success.

Robbie’s strategies help audiences avoid “The Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” trap and shares how to accept responsibility, eliminate distractions, and embrace a positive attitude.

Fee: $5000

Sharmen Lane

Manicurist-to-Millionaire, Sharmen Lane, is a four- time author, speaker, life coach, and radio host. She’s “The How Gal” and has trained, managed, and coached thousands of individuals giving them the tools, tips and strategies to change their life in every way possible.

Expertise: Sales, Leadership, Inspiration, Motivation, Personal growth, Empowerment, Business, Change

Fee: $5,000

Charles Clawson

Charles Clawson is “The Connoisseur of Customer Service,” as well as an attorney, certified public accountant, and successful entrepreneur. Charles is the founder and president of one of the largest, independently owned and operated title companies in Las Vegas, Nevada. As “The Connoisseur of Customer Service,” Charles regularly visits other businesses to discover the secrets to achieving outstanding customer service.

Expertise: Customer service, Attitude, Teamwork

Fee: $5000

Angelique Daniels

Author of EPIGPHANY: A Health and Fitness Spiritual Awakening developed a P.I.G. strategy for weight loss and achieving ANY goal. “Fat on Success” is Angelique’s personal brand inspiring others to reach their full potential and “Stop being a Pig.”

Expertise: Motivation, Success, Weight-loss, Time Management

Fee: $5,000

Raquel Moscarelli

Raquel draws upon more than 25 years of intimate family experience to dissolve the stigma, shame, and secrecy associated with mental illness, depression, and suicide. This provides her with a unique outlook which, combined with her intuitive senses and various healing modalities, make her a unique expert in personal transformation.

Raquel brings a global perspective to her presentations, having traveled to more than thirty countries – from Machu Picchu to Jerusalem.

Expertise: Healing, Spirituality, and Personal Transformation

Fee: $5,000

Schall Adams

Schall Adams is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and musician, as well as the founder of Girlfriend Mentors, an international community that shares the importance of mentoring to create full and meaningful lives. Her mission is to help audiences discover that “Life is AMAZING!”

Schall’s “4 Key Process,” which is applicable to any topic or field, helps people expand their personal and professional capacity. Anyone can speak, but Schall delivers a true “experience.”

Expanding personal & professional capacity, Importance of Mentoring, Women’s Issues, and Health. Also performs with The Schall Adams Band.

Fee: $5,000

Marion Grobb Finkelstein

Presented in Europe, United States and throughout Canada; co-author of Expert Women Who Speak … Speak Out! (Volume 1). Expertise and strong background in management and communications; recipient of APEX “Award for Leadership in Service Innovation”.

Expertise: Communication, Leadership, Facing Fear, Motivation

Fee: $5,000

Darleen Ghirardi

Created unique Gaming/Hospitality industry standard for purchasing, negotiation expert, ethics expert. More than $1 Billion dollars saved without compromising quality.

Expertise: Negotiation, Purchasing, Motivation

FEE: $5,000

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