Attention Professional Speakers: What’s in YOUR Media Kit?

What you give to others not only reflects back on you (good OR bad), but it also reflects how you regard the recipient. In social situations, if you give a cheap or thoughtless gift, people will know that you probably do not think much of them. A poorly chosen gift screams that you disrespect them. Great gifts do not have to be expensive…they just have to be thoughtful. The same is true in business.

If you are a professional or public speaker, motivational, inspirational or business expert, your business cards, media kits, demo DVDs and whatever else you give a bureau, a meeting planner, a potential client or associate not only reflects who you are and where you are headed, but it also shows how much you regard (or disregard) the people with whom you’d like to do business.

I get invited to hear a lot of speakers, especially since I’m in Las Vegas. Nearly every professional or public speaker ends up with a gig or two here every year, regardless of how many speaking engagements they do in any given year. I try to make it to these events whenever possible, but, unfortunately, I just don’t always have the time.

If you are a speaker, I hope you have a dynamite media kit. More than a month ago, a speaker invited me to see her speak. The day finally came. It wasn’t a captivating or distinctive presentation. But even worse was the “Media Kit” the speaker offered me. It was a file folder with some papers, a disk and a book. As this speaker handed it to me, the book fell to the ground. As I dove for the book, the papers fell out of the folder.

Had the speaker at least invested in a pocket folder, there would have been a right-side up and I could have kept the book from falling out! I really was surprised and disappointed. This speaker KNEW that I was coming to hear her presentation and had weeks to throw something together. For someone who wanted to be listed with the bureau, I wasn’t feeling the love – if you know what I mean!

There are more than 20,000 professional, motivational speakers in the US alone! How are you going to distinguish yourself from a pack THAT size? At the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, we only book the finest, world-class speakers. It’s amusing to see how many speakers think they fit in that category.

If you are a motivational speaker, invest in a great media kit. Promote yourself consistently and in a positive light. Write great books, appear in movies, host webinars…. in other words, get busy and get polished! If you don’t know what looks great, hire someone to help you. A great media kit can work for you for years! (BTW – so can a great head shot!)

If you need help, just ask. I’d rather have a speaker come to me and ask for help in putting together a great media kit than to have them hand me a file folder. We’re here to help.

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