The Best Motivational Speakers

The BEST Motivational Speakers

What makes the Best Motivational Speakers? I recently wrote a post about the WORST motivational speakers – those who don’t prepare, don’t project charisma, offer boring content, and who can bring a rockin’ room to a screeching halt in less than two minutes. I feel it’s only fair that I also feature my thoughts on what makes the BEST Motivational Speakers.


Of course, when looking at the Best Motivational Speakers, we can start by naming the opposite qualities of those listed in my previous post. The best motivational speakers connect with their audiences. They are charismatic and entertaining as well as empathetic – they are able to put themselves in the audience mentally – to see how they appear, how their messages are being received, and if their presentation is fun and enjoyable, as well as educational. They are well prepared. The meeting planners or conferences that score one of the Best Motivational Speakers will hear about how great those speakers were for years to come.

The Best Motivational Speakers Deliver on Many Fronts: Content, Entertainment, Empathy, Fun, AND Education

The best motivational speakers also offer valuable CONTENT! Whenever I’m speaking on the subject of speaking – whether coaching aspiring speakers or sharing tips from the platform for business executives who need to deliver the occasional compelling presentation, I talk about what I call “Rah-Rah” speakers. We’ve all heard them; these are speakers who can get a room fired up and generate amazing energy. Everyone feels empowered and energized after hearing them speak. The next morning, when the people who were in the audience are getting ready for work, there is nothing they can do differently on this day because their speaker didn’t give them any REAL CONTENT! They have nothing different to do.

The Best Motivational Speakers Deliver CONTENT

I always want to be the best motivational speaker I can be, whether I’m speaking in Las Vegas or if I’m on the road. I embrace my audiences and let them know how grateful I am that they took the time to come and hear me speak. I work hard to prepare outstanding programs, and fill them with personal anecdotes to make my points memorable. If I’m speaking on how to build business relationships that will develop into long-term, productive relationships that will result in increased sales, I want to know that by the time the audience leaves, they will have a greater understanding of how they can build those relationships. They will have solid takeaways that they can implement on their very next sales call. And, they will understand WHY they need to change the way they’ve been doing business. If I’m speaking on The Art of the Business Lunch, my audiences will know exactly how to take clients out to lunch or dinner as a means of taking those relationships to a higher level. They will understand the WHYs, the WHEREs of the process, too. And, if I’m speaking on Networking, they will feel more comfortable at their very next networking event because of the tips I will have shared.

The Best Motivational Speakers Are Happy to Go ABOVE & BEYOND

Being the best motivational speaker also goes well beyond my performance on stage. It starts from the moment I open a dialogue with my clients. I’m happy to have lunch or dinner with my clients or their VIPs at the event where I’ll be speaking. I’ll play in their golf tournament. I’m happy to do some one-on-one coaching for a few of their VIPs. I’ll throw in some books whenever possible, too. And, I prepare for my session by talking to my client and – if possible – some of their leaders so that I can address their groups’ specific needs.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But being the best motivational speaker you can be is never as easy as it looks. I want my clients to be glad they booked me to speak, and I’m willing to do more than the average speaker to earn my clients’ appreciation, respect, and their business. I know that the LVCSB always treats their clients as if they are the most important people in the world. They are.

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