Motivational Speakers: BIG Discounts on Last Minute Bookings

"In Demand" Motivational Speakers Available for Last Minute Bookings
“In Demand” Motivational Speakers Available for Last Minute Bookings

Small Budget? Last Minute? Book Las Vegas Motivational Speakers Now and SAVE!

Meeting planners understand why they need to book motivational speakers for their meetings well in advance. But, not all speakers are booked by meeting planners.

Many times, a CEO or President of a company will ask his Marketing Director or even his secretary to “get a motivational speaker or entertainer for our annual meeting next month.” These non-meeting planners – by no fault of their own – don’t understand what it takes to book a top-shelf, professional motivational speaker! If you find yourself in this position, have no fear … we are here to help!

Sometimes, waiting until the last minute to book a motivational speaker can even save you BIG BUCKS! Here’s why: If a speaker’s stated fee is $10,000 – $35,000, they will typically get booked as far as a year in advance. They are in demand, but they are also expensive. So, if your event is less than two months away, the odds of an “in demand” motivational speaker getting booked for their stated fee in the next few weeks diminishes with each passing day. Many of these speakers will accept a MUCH LOWER FEE because they are available and “something” is better than nothing!

What Kind of Motivational Speaker Can You Expect to Hire?

TOP Motivational Speakers Are Often Available for Last-minute Speaking Engagements
TOP Motivational Speakers Are Often Available for Last-minute Speaking Engagements

The VERY BEST KIND! The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau only books the FINEST speakers working today. You will be able to see video clips of them speaking, so you’ll know what you can expect. These speakers are well known, professional experts. The LVCSB has motivational speakers on all topics – including leadership, sales, building relationships, networking, motivation, inspiration, social media, marketing, creativity, team building, and peak performance – as well as best-selling authors, entertainers, and singers! We even have the stars of the award-winning self-help film, “The Keeper of the Keys.” Whatever you’re looking for, we will pull out ALL THE STOPS to put the most perfect speaker or entertainer in front of your team … at the VERY best price! If you’re scrambling to turn a last minute minute into an event that looks like it took a year to plan, let us help. We can save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!

Don’t wait. Call today to see who YOU can get for your next meeting. The results will surprise and impress you. And YOU’LL feel like a genius – all because you found the LVCSB! We will make you the star by bringing real star power to your meeting.

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