Brian Tracy to Appear in Next LVCSB Self-help Film

Success expert Brian Tracy will appear in Robin Jay's next film, "The Keys to Oz"
Success expert Brian Tracy will appear in Robin Jay’s next film, “The Keys to Oz.” Here, Brian and Robin share a moment at a luncheon where Brian shared stories of personal development.

Robin Jay, bureau president and writer/producer of “The Keeper of the Keys”, announced today that success guru Brian Tracy will appear in her next self-help film, tentatively titled “The Keys to Oz.”

The self-help film will be a prequel, and will show how the character of Elizabeth came to be a spiritual guide. Brian Tracy will play the role of Mr. Asher, a character who offers Elizabeth the opportunity to stay on Earth and help people.

Jay says, “‘The Secret’ was about HAVING more, ‘The Keeper of the Keys’ was about BEING more. This film is going to focus on how you ARE – a personal development/ self-help story on how you live your life, including taking care of yourself and choosing to be healthy and happy. The story line is fantastic. I hope to film the location shots in Medina, Ohio, where there

Robin Jay, writer/producer, plans to shoot "The Keys to Oz" - her new funny self-help film, in Medina, Ohio
Robin Jay, writer/producer, plans to shoot the location shots for “The Keys to Oz” – her new funny self-help film – in Medina, Ohio, at Medina’s distinctive town square

is an amazing town square. A lot of films shoot there because there is no place else on Earth like it – except maybe at the Warner Bros. lot in Hollywood! Think ‘Back to the Future’ – Medina has a 1950’s small town vibe. It’s dramatic and fantastic and I think it could be the perfect setting for this fabulous story”

“The Keeper of the Keys,” which was Jay’s first self-help film as writer, producer, and costar, won the Las Vegas International Film Festival award for Best Independent Film and The INDIE Fest award for Best Documentary. It stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff. “The Keeper of the Keys” was designed to be the first FUNNY self-help film. Jay assures fans that “The Keys to Oz” will also be funny, empowering, and entertaining.

Jay is working to raise the bar on the self-help genre for films.

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