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CALL FOR SPEAKERS: The LVCSB Enters Production on 3rd Film

The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, in association with TwoBirds, Inc., is seeking speakers ready to elevate their careers by appearing in the newest self-help film from Writer/Producer Robin Jay. This call for speakers is an amazing opportunity for just a few, select speakers.

"The Secrets of the Keys"
“The Secrets of the Keys” has won 3 awards and is currently in distribution through Beyond Words Publishing.

Jay, who has won awards for her first two films, The Keeper of the Keys and The Secrets of the Keys, has scheduled major production to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 7 – 11, 2016.

Call for Speakers is Marketing Gold for Experts

Her latest film, The Secrets of the Keys, in currently in distribution with Beyond Words Publishing, the company that took The Secret and What the Bleep? to mega-blockbuster success. Beyond Words released the film July 19th. Their team will be taking it to the Frankfurt Book Fair to meet with many of their 3,000 independent distributors.

Jay shares, “When The Secret came out, it made many of it’s featured experts household names. Unfortunately, the challenge has been that most of the films that have followed have been lackluster talking head documentaries. They are actually hard to watch! This is why I am personally raising the bar on the entire genre of self-help films. I wanted to make movies that would also be entertaining, would empower viewers, and would put the experts who appear in them on the map! The fact that my films are winning awards in traditional film festivals – PLUS the fact that my last film earned a tremendous, global distribution deal – assures speakers that there is an audience out there for films with a greater production value, more engaging stories, and profound personal messages.”

“For my next film, Becoming the Keys, I’m looking for speakers, experts, and authors who have an important story to tell and who are ready to share it with the world,” said Jay. “Appearing in an outstanding film along with some of today’s top thought leaders is also marketing gold for the few speakers who are fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Call for Speakers Boasts Opportunity for “Success by Association” Star Power

So far, Jay’s films have featured Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, John Gray, John Assaraf, don Miguel Ruiz, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, and Gloria Loring, and more. She says, “These thought leaders trust me with their reputations, so I want other speakers to feel comfortable reaching out to me, too.”  The films also feature lesser-known speakers and experts – of whom Jay says, “All of the experts in my films are the most incredible and inspirational people I’ve ever met. And, they are able to achieve tremendous ‘Success by Association’ when they appear in this star-studded series of today’s thought leaders.”

Jack Canfield, Writer/Producer Robin Jay, Marci Shimoff, and John Gray at "The Keeper of the Keys"
Jack Canfield, Writer/Producer Robin Jay, Marci Shimoff, and John Gray are captured on the red carpet at the VIP Premiere of “The Keeper of the Keys”

“My mission is to bring empowering messages to viewers through a unique hybrid film format while helping speakers to distinguish themselves in what is a very crowded field. I wasn’t a fan of the typical ‘Talking Head’ style of film – where experts have their names under their images and they share soundbites or opinions throughout the film. Instead, the films I produce feature fictional characters and a cohesive, narrative story. The characters interact with experts who appear in cameos throughout the film. I feel it’s a higher level of storytelling. Viewers will remember the experts because their messages are delivered in a more organic way; it’s all very conversational.”

Plus, Jay now films entirely on location. Her last film was shot in Boulder City, NV and in San Diego, CA. “The stories just come together so much more beautifully and naturally when we shoot on location. I’ve experienced both green screen and location shoots and I have become a huge fan of the more authentic location settings.”


The hybrid formula is a winner, too. To date, Jay’s films have earned seven laurels/awards – including Best Independent Film, Best Concept, and even Best Original Song – for Stronger than Ever – a song Jay co-wrote with composer Gary Lynn Floyd. Floyd co-wrote the lyrics, composed, and sang lead on the song, which Jay produced. She and her co-star Kathryn Brinkley sang back up vocals during a recording session in Las Vegas. To hear the song, click here.

Her newest film, Becoming the Keys, takes her films’ message to an even higher level, encouraging viewers to be grateful for everything in their lives – good, bad, or otherwise – and to be more empathetic … and to realize that everyone is dealing with challenges at certain points in their lives. She said, “It’s more important than ever that we embrace the 7 Keys: Appreciation, Harmony, Passion, Courage, Faith, Vibration, and Empathy.”

Jay funds the films by inviting the experts to pre-purchase their inventory of DVDs, a system that is not as unorthodox as some might think. “It’s funny; when I sold my first book, my publisher asked me how many books I wanted. I naively asked, ‘How many do I get?’ I didn’t realize that even with a traditional book deal, authors purchase their own inventory. That’s all I’m doing here, only I request the investment up front. This affords me the opportunity to produce the very best films – without having to crowd fund or borrow against the production. As the experts sell their inventory, they recoup their entire investment; there is no other cost involved. It’s the most effective way for me to fund these amazing, powerful productions. Then, I work tirelessly to market and promote the films, entering film festivals and seeking global distribution, like I was able to do with The Secrets of the Keys and Beyond Words. I’m the only producer I know of who is working today to seriously raise the bar on self-help films. I want the experts to know the tremendous value they are going to get when they become a part of these films. This is a rare opportunity for a few speakers with the right message to reach incredible new heights and an international audience.”

Interested speakers should email with a brief bio, headshot, and video clip of themselves speaking, along with a brief description of the message they would like to share with audiences to help make the world a better place. With production just a few weeks away, time is of the essence. Act now to make 2017 your best year ever as a speaker and star!



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