CARMAGEDDON: Why You Need to Know About Our “Key” Movie

My background is in advertising. I have been CAPTIVATED by “Carmageddon.” First, I LOVE the name of this event. Talk about making lemons out of lemonade! Wow! Americans are KNOWN for their sense of humor and this is a great case in point. Anyone who has ever driven the 405 would agree that shutting it down for three days would be apocalyptic.

I’ve seen several “Carmaggedon” videos – including one on – which was VERY funny, as well as an incredibly well-edited “Adolf Hitler has to get to the airport” video, which my friend Bill Morris forwarded to me. I even saw “PONCH” – Erik Estrada’s character from the “CHIPS” TV show warning Southern California motorists to AVOID the 405 freeway this weekend. The California Dept. of Transportation must’ve thought of using Erik to reach the seniors, as CHiPS hasn’t been on the air since 1983! But it was such an iconic show – and there is a strong association between Estrada and the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs). All of this promotion and warnings worked. The freeway was CALM and the Cal. DOT was able to pull down the old Mulholland Drive Bridge – the reason for the closure.

In my career, I have seen businesses that failed to advertise eventually close their doors. The #1 reason businesses fail is lack of sufficient capital – but I believe it is lack of promotion and advertising. If no one is spending their money with them because know one KNOWS about them, it’s fairly OBVIOUS why they went out of business – and how that business came to “lack capital.” Promotion in business – when done right – will lead to an influx of capital! The qualifier should read: “Lack of capital because no one KNEW about them!” Without sufficient customers, they eventually close their doors. Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Running a business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl in the dark … only YOU know what you’re doing!” No kidding, Teddy!

An EERIE absence of cars; seems everyone in So. Cal. KNEW to stay away

So – let me just say that CARMAGGEDON is not “carmadud” as one onlooker commented. It’s a brilliant example of just how POWERFUL advertising, marketing, and promotion can be. The CARMAGGEDON “who-hah” (along with ON RAMP CLOSURES) has managed to keep the 405 clear this weekend.

Which brings me to the POINT of this blog: I am set on promoting the bureau’s new movie, “The Keeper of the Keys,” with all my  heart, passion, and soul, because people NEED to see this movie! If people know what is coming, they will PLAN FOR IT! Our “KEY” movie is funny, it’s “Real Life,” and it’s going to take viewers on an incredible, cinematic journey. I’m guessing they won’t even realize it’s a documentary until they start to apply in their own lives some of what they discovered in the movie. And, even though I had PLANNED on promoting it, this weekend’s amazing Carmaggedon reminds me, once again, that advertising and marketing and promotion work;  they are GOLDEN!

Bottom line: LOOK FOR EXCITING BLOG POSTS, PRESS RELEASES, AND INTERVIEWS from yours truly and all the amazing cast members and stars of “The Keeper of the Keys.” Know that it’s going to be a funny, engaging personal development movie that features amazing stories that will transform how you view the world. Mark your calendars to be in Las Vegas on December 8th – which is when we will premiere this amazing personal development movie which stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff, at the Brenden Theatres at the Palms Resort Hotel & Casino. WATCH FOR IT! You’ll be hearing some buzz…..

And, BTW, traffic should be VERY light in Las Vegas on 12/8/11. National Finals Rodeo is in town, but that’s about it. Room rates will be affordable, air fare into town will be low, and you’ll essentially have the casinos and restaurants to yourself. I hope to see you there.

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  1. Kenny Atcheson says:

    Great post Robin. I agree about the advertising. Most failed business put marketing and advertising as their last expense(left over) after they spend frivolously on so many other things.

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