Casting Call for Motivational Speakers to Appear with Jack Canfield & Marci Shimoff in Movie

Personal Development Movie Underway at the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau

Personal Development Movie Underway at the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau
Production to Begin on the LVCSB's New Personal Development Movie

Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Dr. John Demartini, Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwith, and Fred Alan Wolfe all became household names after appearing in Rhonda Byrne’s movie “The Secret.” They rose to prominence as the personal development industry suddenly became a part of mainstream America. These experts led the transition from writing self-help books to appearing in movies. Today, appearing in a personal development movie can help the most outstanding motivational speakers to distinguish themselves in what has become a highly competitive field.

This is why the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is issuing a “CASTING CALL”  for professional speakers and experts who are interested in being featured in the bureau’s newest personal development movie, “The Keeper of the Keys,” starring Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff, two stand-out speakers from the movie “The Secret.”

The casting call is open to seasoned speakers and experts who have a strong message they want to share with the world. Being comfortable on camera is a huge plus. There are just a few spots available for the most qualified experts who can speak on the Universal Laws … or “Keys” to living a better life, enjoying greater success, and attaining happiness.

LVCSB president Robin Jay, who has published three editions of the bureau’s bestselling speaker anthology series, “The Power of the Platform,” said that her decision to produce a movie instead of another book was an easy one. Jay said, “The professional speaking industry is more competitive than ever before. For seasoned speakers, choosing to appear in a movie with well-known speakers like Jack and Marci is the opportunity of a lifetime. Building a successful speaking career is all about marketing – and a movie like this is an extraordinary marketing tool.”

“For speakers,” Jay shared, “being featured in a movie is the VERY BEST WAY to identify yourself as an expert in your field; it affords you the opportunity to share information with more people than ever before. And, unlike a book, people can watch a movie TOGETHER. They can view it with their friends, a spouse, or their kids and then discuss it with each other. Plus, with a movie, viewers can gain knowledge and understanding in just 90 minutes!”

Jack Canfield, the star of the movie, is co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, creator of “The Success Principles,” and one of the most recognized and beloved experts in “The Secret.” Bestselling author and speaker Marci Shimoff, another expert who appeared in “The Secret,” the movie that started it all, will also star in the movie.

Marci’s newest book is “Love for No Reason.” It quickly rose to the top of bestseller lists across the country when it was released earlier this year. Shimoff is also the author of “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” and “Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul.” Several of the bureau’s “Power of the Platform” coauthors will also be featured in the film.

The story line will focus on the Universal Principles, or “keys,” such as the Law of Compensation, the Law of Supply, and the more well-known Law of Attraction. The screenplay is based upon the teachings of several pioneers in the field of personal development, though Jay said she will modify any specific area to tie in perfectly with any cast member’s particular experience.

“My goal for the movie is to create a compelling, entertaining, and dramatic movie. I want to avoid the endless stream of ‘talking heads’ that, so far, seems to be dominating the relatively new self-help genre. I am limiting the number of experts in this film because I want to give each expert the opportunity to really