Double Your Budget, Double Your Fun!

If you are planning your 2009 or 2010 meeting, you’ll want to provide the best keynote speakers and the best entertainment money can buy. Recently, I had two clients who each wanted some evening entertainment for their meeting. I had wonderful options for them – and from comics to lounge-style entertainment, and the prices are fabulous! Just $2,000 can have your group dancing all night with the very same entertainers and lounge acts who work on the strip!

Often, the planners come back and say that by the time their committee reviewed all options, they decided to allow their attendees “FREE TIME.” The price is right – as it’s free for the planners. Less stress, one less event to plan. And there is no better place to give free time than Las Vegas. The problem is this: it may save the organization or association some money up front, but it will inevitably cost the attendees a bit more – as they find their way into the casinos and nightclubs and celebrity chef hosted restaurants.

The long-term effects of a looser itinerary can cost money down the road. When attendees look back at their conference, deciding whether or not to attend the next one, what will they remember? Spending too much on gambling? While there is a possibility that someone might score big at the tables or slots, as a 35-year resident of Las Vegas I can assure you this: they did not build this town by people winning! Gambling is fun and if you win enough to play on house money for a while, then you justify your losses as the price you paid for a night’s entertainment. The odds are greater that they will lose more than they thought they would.

Compare gambling losses with an incedible hosted night of dancing or comic laughs or music. People love to have the added value that a night of planned entertainment affords. And, when they are considering whether or not to attend the next year, they will remember their recent experience. It will weigh heavily on their mind and on their budget.

As for stress-free planning, I always offer onsite service – so you, as a meeting professional, have NOTHING to worry about! And we’re right here – as are many of our speakers – so you save on T & E (travel & expenses). Splurge – give your group the best time every with just a little extra planning and a bit more budget. Next year, your attendance will skyrocket!

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