Experts: Want Greater Impact? One Spot Remains to Star in New Movie

Scene from The Keeper of the Keys

The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is looking for just ONE MORE OUTSTANDING expert to appear along with Jack Canfield, John Gray, Marci Shimoff, and several other experts in a personal development movie that is sure to raise the bar on the self-help movie genre.

Primary production on “The Keeper of the Keys” has wrapped, but the crew is heading back into the studio later this month to film a few special features. There is ONE MORE SPOT available for an expert who wants to reach new audiences by appearing in this inventive, entertaining and engaging film, and it will go to the first qualified speaker or self-help expert to contact the producer at Time is of the essence.

The movie follows “Michael Walden” – a creative director – on an incredible journey of discovery. Michael has become quite a victim. First, he lost his job after more than 14 years of loyal, hard work. Then, his house ends up in foreclosure. He grows increasingly negative, understandably. When his fiancee breaks up with him, he starts to reflect on all times he’s reacted negatively to life itself. He realizes he needs help – and begins a magical journey where he encounters some of the most incredible experts who share their deeply personal stories of adversity and growth.

If YOU are a professional speaker, coach, or expert and have a story to share that could impact tens of thousands of people and help them to find the answers they seek, it’s not too late for you to become a part of this amazing cast of experts. But there is only ONE spot still available. Appearing in this movie will set you apart from all the other speakers who are vying for the same engagements. This is the most cinematic, dramatic, well-produced self-help movie that has ever been produced.

Ever since the success of “The Secret,” producers have done little more than present an endless stream of “talking heads.” “The Keeper of the Keys” is different; it is the first truly engaging self-help movie. It is funny and entertaining, yet puts the experts in a brilliant light. Produced by TwoBirds, Inc., which is owned by LVCSB owner Robin Jay, and directed by Scott Cervine, Movies from the Heart.

Contact for more details. The VIP RED CARPET PREMIERE will be in Las Vegas on December 8th, 2011. Don’t miss the excitement and this golden marketing opportunity. Call or email now.

3 thoughts on “Experts: Want Greater Impact? One Spot Remains to Star in New Movie

  1. Liz says:

    Very exciting that one of our top featured speakers Ken Wallace was selected for this coveted spot in the film. He’s a natural! Can’t wait!

  2. Don Saunders says:

    I have waited until 12/8 the night of your big premier to write to you. Congratulations on the completion of this powerful project. I was not able to attend but I am hoping that when you have some time that we can sit together it will be a powerful interaction. I live in Lake Las Vegas.

    My name is Don Saunders
    By utilizing a powerful personal experience
    I have become the World’s Leading Authority on “How Life Works”
    I am the author of the soon to be published book “The Power of Knowing How Life Works”

    I have just recently heard about you or I would have reached out earlier.
    I am just an Ordinary Guy that has recieved Extrodinary Knowledge through a powerful Universal download. This is a true life, amazing story about Knowledge that has been delivered through me for 7 billion people in the world. 949-922-1703 Again congratulations!

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