Imagine Being an Author!

Being a published author is just like being a celebrity! Having a book can help you to launch your career as a professional speaker and get paid thousands upon thousands of dollars as a speaker, consultant, or coach. Imagine getting paid to do what you love! The prestige, fame, credibility, and recognition that come with having a book can propel you to the top of your chosen field. People will ask your opinion. Having a book defines you as an expert in your field

Author Dan Poynter wrote this about authors: “Now, with their credibility established, they operate seminars in their field of expertise, command high speaking fees, and issue a high-priced business advice newsletter. They find they are in great demand. People want their information or simply want them around. Clubs and corporations fly them in to consult, because it is more economical than sending all their people to the expert. Putting your knowledge on paper will establish you as an expert. Then, your expert standing can be pyramided with interviews, articles, TV appearances, talks at local clubs, etc. Of course, most of this activity will promote your book sales.”

“In turn,” he adds, “all this publicity not only sells books, but it opens more doors and produces more invitations, leading to more opportunities to prove your expert status and make even more money for yourself. People seek experts whose opinions, advice, and ideas are quoted in the media. Becoming an expert does not require a great education or a college degree. You can become an expert in one small area if you are willing to do the research …and write [it] down.”

Dan is right! Award-winning author and professional speaker Robin Jay used his self-publishing manual to publish her first book which she later sold to a traditional publisher. Today, “The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships Between 12 and 2” is in TWELVE languages! Robin has been interviewed by MSNBC –TV, the BBC, CNN,, Newsweek, and other well-known national and international media from as far away as London and even India! She earns five figures to speak for less than an hour. She writes a column in a business journal. She is also a highly paid coach and consultant. And, along with all that, she enjoys being in the position to help others achieve their goals, too. Robin says, “Getting published was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

But the road was rocky at times and she admits that when she started out, she didn’t really know what she was doing. That is why today, she enjoys helping others avoid mistakes so that they can quickly and affordably achieve their publishing goals and become published authors. Robin says, “Making tons of money is great, but it’s also fulfilling to know that I am making a difference in the world.” In 2006, she launched the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau She helps meeting planners everywhere to find the perfect motivational speakers for their meetings and events.

Then, in 2008, seeing the need for people to become published, she began publishing an anthology of inspirational, motivational, and business how-to messages called “The Power of the Platform.” Robin is currently working on the third and final edition of this outstanding series. These books feature such well-known experts as Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, andLes Brown, along with other speakers, writers, and experts. Robin says, “Imagine being a coauthor along with these personal development icons; it’s easier than you think!”

Just this week, two of her authors wrote to say how much Robin has done for them. Robin helped Darleen G. make some tough life decisions and job changes while helping her to become a published author. Darleen wrote, “Robin, thank you for your help! Your support and enthusiasm really made a difference for me in accepting this job as well as promoting myself as a speaker/writer.” Darleen is going to experience what it is like to be a published author with “The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Life” comes out. In her chapter, readers will discover how she found her way by choosing “The Right Path.”

Another author, Linda R., posted this to her blog: “I just wanted to write a thank you note to Robin Jay and to my readers for being so supportive of my goal to become a writer, blogger, and soon a published author! Robin Jay has become a mentor to me. She sends me words of encouragement almost everyday via email.

“She’s a smart and intelligent woman who helps to instill positive thoughts into everyone she comes into contact with. Robin told me she had some books that would help me with my self-confidence. Struggling to become an author, a writer with no previous education, I have my daily ups and downs. Robin is always there rooting for me, encouraging me to press on and move forward with my goals. She’s even introduced me to other people in the business.

“I have been blogging about one of her books – The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Success – because it has changed my life! I will also be blogging about the other two books she sent me starting next week – The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Purpose and The Art of the Business Lunch. Judging by the book covers, these positive words will also help make a difference in my life.

“I’m in my 40’s and I’m starting a brand new career with no education or training. So far I’ve been doing something right because thousands of people are visiting my blogs and learning just like me. I appreciate all of them! Thank you, Robin.”

Robin shares, “Linda appreciates that I have shared with her certain shortcuts to becoming published and for establishing herself as an expert in her field. Linda is becoming a novelist and is already an expert blogger.”

Robin is currently seeking experts to be in the final edition of “The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Life.” If you feel you have a message to share and would like to experience first-hand the excitement of being published – the fame, the expertise, the media asking for your opinion, notoriety, and a platform on which you can begin to build your wealth empire, contact Robin today. Just four more chapters are available….this book will be published by summer, 2010.

Robin says, “There is no faster way to establish yourself as an expert in your field than by becoming a published author.” Robin is looking forward to helping four more experts achieve their dreams.

Email Robin at LVCSB dot com or call her at 702-460-1420. Seize this incredible opportunity before it gets away.

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