LVCSB on Linked In: Secrets of a Speakers Bureau President

Secrets from a Speakers Bureau President Can Help You

Please join my new OPEN group on Linked In: Secrets of a Speakers Bureau President.

Secrets from a Speakers Bureau President Will Help Everyone in ANY Business

Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau President Will Share Speaking Tips EVERYONE Can Use!

We’ve all attended events that were going along smoothly until one unrehearsed executive needs to say a few words. Within minutes, the audience starts looking at their watches, shuffling in their seats, wondering HOW LONG is this guy going to talk?! If you’re a business owner or you represent your business and have EVER had to stand in front of a group to deliver a presentation, you’ll want to join this group. I’ll share helpful hints that will have you hitting your presentation out of the park – instead of bringing things to a grinding halt!

I am excited to share my vast experience to help other speakers who want to achieve unprecedented levels of success. I’m an award-winning author and speaker, an award-winning filmmaker, a best-selling publisher, as well as founder and publisher of the LVCSB in Las Vegas, “The Convention Capital of the World!” Now, I’ll be able to share tips with other speakers through this connection between my blog here at and this new Linked In group.


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