“The Keeper of the Keys” – Officially WRAPPED!

Producer Robin Jay with Jack Canfield on the set of "The Keeper of the Keys"

I’ve written before that production had wrapped on “The Keeper of the Keys” – the first FUNNY personal development movie ever produced, starring Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff. But, as this is my first production, I realize now that I was being naive. As things turned out, my A-list production crew headed back into the studio last week to film some “pick ups” and the final expert segments.

Dare I announce yet again that filming has wrapped? I think I’m safe in doing so at this point! Congratulations to all the experts for committing to this project. They each flew to Las Vegas to film their segments, meet one another, and secure their spot in history! I can assure you … we succeeded in “taking the ‘Hell’ out of SELF-HELP”!

Special thanks to my “stars” – Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff. They each went well out of their way to accommodate our filming schedule, and they could not have been more gracious! I have to share that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET with these personal development icons. They love what they do and they genuinely want to help you. Ever since the success of the personal development movie, “The Secret,” these thought leaders have been at the forefront of the self-help industry.

Producer Robin Jay, in character as "Elizabeth" - the spiritual guide - on the set at the Parisian Palace

MY GOAL for the movie was to put as much content as possible in an amusing, engaging format so that everyone could enjoy it AND come away empowered. Even just a MORSEL of the right information can help you. The movie is funny and the experts are DIVINE! I didn’t want the movie to offer the same stories we’ve all heard before. I encouraged the experts to reveal their deepest, darkest fears, the hard-learned lessons that helped them to turn their lives around, and the events that shaped their destiny and made them the experts they are today. Trust me when I tell you THEY DELIVERED!

“The Keeper of the Keys” offers information and perspectives from diverse experts – from your own backyard to half-way around the world, young and old. I’m so excited for everyone to hear what a 73-year old expert has to say about empathy and faith, versus what an 18-year old expert has to say about those keys. What motivates a person to fire their clients – and start a new regimen that caters to themselves and their families first, only to discover they could earn even MORE in the process? How does being a parent help us to overcome fear? And, what does it say about us when those tables are turned and taking care of our parents becomes our responsibility? How can we find gratitude in the midst of adversity?

As I said, the content in this movie is RICH. When you watch the movie and hear the “KEY EXPERTS” share their stories and how they came to be the powerful, influential people they are today, you will be touched. You will laugh, you will be moved, you will find greater strength and become empowered. You will never be the same again.

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