“The KEEPER of the KEYS” Premieres; Receives Standing Ovation in Las Vegas

SHINING on the red carpet, L - R: Scott Cervine, Jack Canfield, Robin Jay, Marci Shimoff, and John Gray

“The KEEPER of the KEYS” Premieres

As anyone who attended the VIP Red Carpet Premiere of “The KEEPER of the KEYS” on Dec. 8th in Las Vegas will tell you, the world finally has a personal development movie that is delightful! The movie’s tag line, “taking the HELL out of self-help,” proved to be true, as the movie is so much fun you will forget you’re watching a self-help documentary. The film is actually a hybrid, as a fictional storyline provides an ideal platform for outstanding experts to share their personal stories of growth and how they came to embrace the seven keys featured in the movie.

The movie stars Director, Editor, and Actor Scott Cervine as Michael Walden. Michael is having a very bad year. He’s lost his job, his home is in foreclosure, and his negative rants have taken their toll on his relationship with his fiancee, Anne (played perfectly by the only professional actress in the movie, Lindsey Lauer.)

Writer/Producer Robin Jay stars as Elizabeth, the mysterious spiritual guide

Producer and Writer of “The KEEPER of the KEYS” Robin Jay also starred as “Elizabeth” – the mysterious spriritual guide Writer and Producer Robin Jay plays the role of Elizabeth, the mysterious spiritual guide who leads Michael on a journey through a bizarre mansion where they encounter experts who are there to help Michael.

“A Gift to the World … and the New GOLD Standard in its genre!”

Stephen Simon, co-founder of Spiritual Cinema Circle, said: “The Keeper of The Keys is the most innovative and entertaining film of its kind ever made. Wildly original, howlingly funny, fast-paced, and utterly delightful in every way, the film is truly a gift to the world. True to its ad copy, the film takes “the hell out of self-help” and is the new gold standard in its genre. When you see this movie, you will learn, laugh, and clap your hands with joy!”

Stephen is not just Co-founder of The Spiritual Cinema Circle, but also produced Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, AND he produced and directed Conversations with God and Indigo. So, when he says this is the best movie of its kind EVER MADE, you can believe him.

This Movie Brings Humor and Solutions to Trying Times

“The KEEPER of the KEYS” is not only the first FUNNY self-help movie, but it’s also the first film of its kind to address the current economy and housing crisis. Anyone who has ever wanted to blame their situation on their boss, their relationships, the government, or their dysfunctional family will come to understand the truth about life as they watch this movie. Jay says, “I have no doubt viewers will come to understand the meaning of the keys.”

Jack Canfield Elevates Himself into a League of His Own

Jack Canfield on the red carpet, just before the world premiere showing of "The KEEPER of the KEYS"; Flash bulbs went off like the 4th of July! Jack is loved by all who know him.

Jay recalls, “Scott’s experience in working with big-name success gurus was that generally, they would not be willing to interact with fictional characters. But, when I asked Jack Canfield if he would indulge us in this respect, he answered, ‘Sure. Sounds like fun!’ That’s how really BIG Jack is. He is so comfortable with his knowledge base and who he is that he was not at all threatened by the process. The result is that he has elevated himself to another level … he is now in a league of his own!” And Jay adds, “John Gray and Marci Shimoff also had no problem interacting with Michael, and neither did any of our incredible experts. It all comes together and works incredibly well, making the storyline believable and relatable.”

The Movie Will Be Available Streaming and on DVD – In Just a Few Days!

Producer Robin Jay is currently working with Andy Ebon to make the movie available in just a few days, streaming from the movie’s website. To be notified as soon as the movie becomes available, just click on the RSS link on that site. DVDs are currently being produced and should be ready to ship before mid-January.

Jay tells those waiting to see the movie, “It will not disappoint. This is the kind of movie people are going to want their friends, family, and coworkers to watch. There is so much content, and it is all delivered in a fast-paced, funny, intriguing story that viewers will absolutely LOVE! I can’t wait for everyone to see it.” Jay said, “I had trouble getting through most of the movies in this genre, in spite of the fact that I genuinely WANTED to hear what the experts had to say. My goal was to raise the bar by making a personal development movie that would keep the viewers engaged. The best way to do that was to make the movie funny. And that is why I hired Scott Cervine to direct and play the part of Michael. He is HILARIOUS in this movie. And, I was blessed to have the mentorship of Stephen Simon.

I caught Stephen’s attention when I emailed him, asking for help, and stressed that I didn’t want my movie to be an endless stream of ‘talking heads’ – a style which has dominated this genre ever since the success of the movie ‘The Secret.’ In fact, it was Stephen’s suggestion that I go all out and make the movie truly funny.” Jay adds, “Stephen had worked with Scott Cervine several times before on projects for Spiritual Cinema Circle. When I told him Scott was available to direct my movie, he encouraged me to bring him on board. Scott loved my story for the movie so much that he insisted on doing the editing himself. Everything connected with this movie has been divine, just like the sequence of events that helped me to connect with Scott and Stephen.”

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