Ken Wallace, Expert in “The Keeper of the Keys”, Passes Away

Mary Wallace, Jack Canfield, Ken Wallace
Mary Wallace, Jack Canfield, and Ken Wallace enjoy a moment at a special luncheon before the premiere of “The Keeper of the Keys”

Ken Wallace, 61, whose memorable story in “The Keeper of the Keys” film, passed away Dec. 28th, 2012. Writer/Producer of the film, Robin Jay, shares that as a featured expert in the film, Ken reflected on the love between his grandpa and grandma, though the story goes beyond a traditional love story to reflect a deep sense of commitment and ethics.

“Ken will truly be missed,” said Jay. “During production and ever since filming, I was fortunate enough to have had many long conversations with Ken about his experience, his family, his life, and his work. I’ve never known anyone to have such a profound desire to help others.”

Ken Wallace: Consultant, Speaker, Coach

The Reverend Kenneth Leslie Wallace‘s legacy is vast. His work as a consultant, speaker, and minister put him in front of thousands of people. He had the distinction since 2000 of being one of only nine certified business process and system coaches for General Motors worldwide. As a member of the National Speakers Association since 1989, Kenneth was a professional speaker, consultant and executive coach specializing in personal and organizational development. He is certified by the Mediation Training Institute International as a global mediation trainer and consultant and has taught at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Ken’s devotion to helping people was unparalleled.

Ken Wallace laid the foundation for his consultant and executive coaching business when he wrote a book entitled “Your Better Self, A Simple Guide to Where You Want to Be.” Ken’s clients included MCA/Universal, Connected International Meeting Professionals Association, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Safeco Insurance, Daimler-Chrysler Corporation, Northwestern Mutual Life, Toyota, Mass Mutual Life, U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, Hyundai Corporation, and Nissan, just to name a few.

Ken Wallace: Beloved Family Man, Minister

His large family, many of whom gathered around him the past few weeks during his brave fight against cancer, was a constant source of joy for him. Kenneth is survived by his loving wife of 20 years, Dr. Mary Kathleen Cook-Wallace, of whom he lovingly referred to as Kat. He also is survived by his daughter, Rachel Elizabeth Tsiganos and son-in-law, Taso G. Tsiganos of Rockford, IL; son Jeremiah K. Wallace, and daughter Jaime M. McLean of Olympia, WA. Other children include Benjamin T. Mace and Christopher B. Butts of Carbondale, IL, and Air Force Flight Lieutenant T. Brooke Butts of Salt Lake City, UT, and six grandchildren, Nicholas, Braelyn, Alex, Taylor, Brooklynn, and Boston.

A graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, Ken Wallace held the Master of Divinity degree with honors from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, and completed graduate work at Oxford University in England, the University of Tuebingen in Germany, and the Drew University Graduate School. As an ordained United Methodist minister, Kenneth pastored at the United Methodist in New Jersey; Albion Illinois Methodist Church; First Baptist Church and University Baptist Church of Carbondale, IL. He was director of the Wesley Foundation on the SIUC campus for seven years.

Ken Wallace: Expert in “The Keeper of the Keys”

When Ken Wallace first appears in the movie, viewers will notice a gentleness in his tone of voice and a sincerity in his story. There is a bit of a surprise toward the end of his love story about his grandparents that makes many who see the movie long for the type of commitment that Ken’s grandpa had. Ken knew this story would resonate with viewers. He was a kind and gentle man who will be dearly missed. And, thanks to his appearance in ‘The Keeper of the Keys”, he will continue to live on and inspire others for many years to come.


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