The Key to Happiness

"The Keeper of the Keys" Offers Path to Greater Happiness
“The Keeper of the Keys” Award-winning Self-help Film Features The Key of Harmony, Happiness

The Key to Happiness

“The Keeper of the Keys” – the first FUNNY self-help movie (now available on iTunes) offers seven keys that can improve your life and help you to discover greater happiness. One of these is the Key of Harmony. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, or merely unhappy and dissatisfied with your life, The Keeper of the Keys can help!

The Keys Unlock Happiness

When writer/producer Robin Jay decided to produce a self-help film, she wanted to share some of the most important principles along with tips to help viewers improve their lives. Jay knew that trite sound bites would not make a film memorable OR entertaining. That is when she set out to write and produce the first funny self-help movie. Jay said, “You can’t empower anyone unless you first ENTERTAIN them!” Jay has always had a knack for drama and comedy.

She began work on the film by recruiting some of the most outstanding experts in the field of self-help. She found motivational, inspirational speakers and experts who were willing to share their deeply personal stories of transformation with the world. The film stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff – a happiness expert. Jay then had the experts address each of seven keys that are vital to living a happy life.

The seven keys are:

  • The Key of Appreciation
  • The Key of Harmony
  • The Key of Passion
  • The Key of Faith
  • The Key of Vibration
  • The Key of Courage, and
  • The Key of Empathy

The film offers a unique hybrid of fiction mixed with the experts’ stories, in which they shared examples of WHY these keys are so important. The fictional story in the film follows Michael Walden, an out-of-work Creative Director who is down on his luck. If you’ve ever felt like the world is conspiring against you, you’ll relate to Michael’s defeatist attitude! He does not embrace any of the keys, especially the Key of Harmony, so happiness eludes him. He encounters the experts in what viewers will see as a sort of dream sequence. He takes a journey through a mysterious mansion, accompanied by a cynical spiritual guide.

Lift your love response & discover happiness instantly!

An example of the Key of Harmony comes from Marci Shimoff, author of “Happy for No Reason.” Marci tells Michael how she had worked furiously to succeed. At this particular point, she had three books on the NY Times bestseller list. She had just signed more than 5,000 books in one sitting. There was even a massage therapist on hand to keep her from getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Marci had achieved everything her heart desired … everything she THOUGHT would make her happy. When she retired to her penthouse suite, she threw herself onto the bed and burst into tears. She had worked hard to achieve happiness and, upon experiencing the very life she’d dreamed of, she felt empty and unhappy.

Marci soon realized that her happiness would have to come from within – not from external sources or accomplishments. When we talk about the key of HARMONY – we are talking about our ability to relate to others – but also how we feel within OURSELVES! Are YOU in HARMONY with yourself? Until you are, you will continue to find yourself searching, like Marci, for that moment or accomplishment that will bring you happiness. Dissatisfaction, or a disconnect from the key of harmony, can leave us feeling stressed and unhappy.

Watch this video and try Marci’s simple exercise for “lifting your love response.” You won’t believe how this simple practice will elevate your vibration and bring you greater harmony and happiness! Try it now and you’ll feel better instantly!

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