Leadership that Screams Results!

Chuck Bolton: Leadership Expert

CHUCK BOLTON, President of The Bolton Group and one of the LVCSB’s “In Demand” speakers, gets amazing results whenever he delivers his leadership presentation. Here, audience members are anxious to share their enthusiasm for his high impact program. Chuck has found a way to keep his topics compelling and his audiences engaged.

Interestingly enough, Chuck’s use of his customized illustrations were so engaging, his audience was unaware that he was, indeed, using PPT. Sophisticated, talented speakers like Chuck use multi-media in their programs to HELP an audience connect with their message; Classic “Death by PowerPoint” is never an option.

Chuck Bolton is a Contributor to Speakers on Purpose & Speakers on Life

Chuck is a two-time contributor to the bureau’s outstanding anthology series, “The Power of the Platform.” In “Speakers on Purpose,” Chuck shared his thoughts on “The Dirtiest Little Secret in Business: The Absence of Supportive Candor.” If you are a leader in charge of a team, you will want to hear what Chuck has to say about this touchy topic!

In the third edition of the anthology, “Speakers on Life,” Chuck explains the need for executive level collaboration and optimal team performance. His chapter is on “The Hole in Your Team” – a serious situation that can cost a team their ability to perform at their best. Check out this brief video of one of Chuck’s recent presentations:

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