The LVCSB Announces New Personal Development Movie

Personal Development Movie Underway at the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau
Production to Begin on the LVCSB's New Personal Development Movie

The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau has announced that production will begin soon on the bureau’s newest project – a personal development movie. The film will feature approximately 15 experts who will share their insights along with a moving storyline.

“The goal for this movie,” said screenwriter Robin Jay, “is to share with viewers how much control they actually have over their own lives and then to give them the steps and tools they can implement immediately to move forward. I want viewers to accept responsibility for being where they are.   This will be accomplished in a way that will EMPOWER the viewers, rather than blame them for not setting or accomplishing goals. Most people just aren’t aware of their options or how they can take steps to improve their lives.

“So many people today are frustrated – and they want to blame their government, their parents, their bosses, or the economy for not having the life of their dreams. This blame-placing behavior comes from ignorance. While there will always be some circumstances beyond our control, there is still a great deal of action we, ourselves, can take to improve the quality of our lives. This is what the movie will show as it takes readers on a journey of discovery.”

“Everything has been moving to digital formats and that is just one of the reasons I’ve chosen to produce a movie at this time, instead of publishing another anthology,” said Jay. “Apple sold more than 4 Million iPads in a matter of months. Digital readers like Kindle and Nook are also selling like crazy. People want richer content that they can absorb quickly. With a movie, families, couples, friends, and even kids can enjoy watching together. And, in just 90 minutes, they can come away enlightened. Plus, movies can offer a wonderfully creative mix of education, carried along by a compelling story line.  I’m extremely excited about the talent this movie will feature and the effect seeing it will have on the viewers.”

The movie will be primarily filmed on location in Boulder City, Nevada at a private residence that looks out over Lake Mead. This setting will lend a great deal of impact to the story line as the main character is led up the mountain. On this path, the keys to a happier, more fulfilling life will be revealed to him.

The bureau is currently seeking the line up of experts who will be featured in the movie and will begin filming in late May or early June. The VIP Red Carpet Premiere is slated for December 8th, 2011.

The LVCSB is Planning a VIP Red Carpet Premiere for December, 2011

The LVCSB represents many of today’s most outstanding motivational speakers and experts in the field of personal development. They speak on such topics as attitude, sales, creativity, team building. leadership, success, branding, and overcoming adversity.

Jay has previously published three editions of the bureau’s best selling self-help anthologies, “The Power of the Platform,”  that feature such experts as Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown. The books are available on, the bureau Website book store, and on the contributing coauthor’s websites.

The film will be completely produced in the Las Vegas area and is slated for worldwide distribution. Plans are also underway to produce a version of the movie with Spanish subtitles for distribution in South America.

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