A Magic Product for Speakers

If you are a speaker, imagine having a product that can help you to earn more EVERY time you speak, that can help you to GET more paid speaking engagements, a product that will elevate your status through right associations with other, nationally recognized speakers, AND provide you with a brochure that no one would ever throw away. These are the benefits of being published in The Power of the Platform series of speaker anthologies.

I have just started work on the second edition – Speakers on Purpose. Purpose can represent the meaning of life, an individual’s mission, or just living your life with intention – setting a course and pursuing it.

Being in a book along with some of the industry’s biggest names and most compelling leaders lends success by association, which is one of the basic principles of success. If you want to succeed, you have to associate with other like-minded individuals who have already attained the position you seek. Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Barbara DeAngelis, Marci Shimoff, and Marie Diamond have all made their mark in the world of personal development. They have each overcome resistance and challenges to rise to the top of their field. Imagine being published in an anthology along with these personal development icons!

I only have ten chapters available for Speakers on Purpose. If you are interested in becoming published in this outstanding anthology series, please contact me immediately.

Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Contributing Author to the premiere edition of the series, “The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Success” (Chapter: Life’s a Gamble, www.MarionSpeaks.com) wrote:

“Robin Jay was the driving force behind “The Power of the Platform” book. She invited and pulled together 21 authors, myself included, and oversaw every step of this production. Her eye for detail was amazing, and her frequent updates, reminders, and support ensured that the project was completed on time and on budget. Robin is an amazing professional, and a dream to work with. I would recommend her and her services to anyone, without reservation.”

Thank you, Marion! You were a joy to work with and your chapter brought great insights to the book.

Share your message with readers everywhere. Having these books will help you to make money; they have an outstanding markup. Becoming a coauthor is easier and more affordable than self-publishing. This opportunity is the fastest, most affordable way to become published, and puts you in a book with your peers and industry icons. It’s great as a stand-alone product or to bundle with your signature works. I’d love to help you achieve your goals. Contact me at Robin [at] LVCSB.com.

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