The Best Motivational Keynote Speakers for Las Vegas Meetings

The LVCSB: Book the Best Keynote & Motivational Speakers for Your Las Vegas Events

The Best Motivational Keynote Speakers for Las Vegas Events … and the World!

From the #1 Most Popular Motivational Keynote Speaker of our time, Brian Tracy, (Source: to the beloved Jack Canfield, to best-selling authors and featured experts from today’s top personal development films, the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau can help you bring the very best KEYNOTE & MOTIVATIONAL speakers to your events – in Las Vegas and around the world!

Whether you’re on a tight budget or the sky is the limit, the LVCSB wants to make sure your meeting/conference/convention is MEMORABLE and OUTSTANDING! A great motivational keynote speaker can make all the difference in how your attendees feel about your meetings. If you want them to come away thinking, “That was the best meeting, EVER!” then don’t leave a thing to chance! The LVCSB will help you bring in just the right speaker at the very best price.

Get the Best Motivational or Keynote Speaker at the Best Price

Captain Lovell, Apollo 13 Astronaut, and LVCSB President, Robin Jay
Apollo 13 Astronaut and Amazing Keynote Speaker Captain Jim Lovell takes a moment with LVCSB President, Robin Jay. Robin can book the very best Motivational & Keynote speakers – like Captain Lovell – for your events, in Las Vegas and around the world

President Robin Jay recently saved a client $10,000 on a speaker’s fee! Another bureau had quoted a extraordinarily high fee for a well-recognized public speaker. Robin’s client asked if she could “do any better.” Robin contacted that speaker’s representative and was happy to share with her client that she could get them this exact speaker for $35,000 – instead of $45,000!

Robin said, “It’s CRAZY that another bureau would mark up a nationally-recognized speaker by such a tremendous amount. This particular speaker is exclusive with another bureau, so while they will work with other bureaus, the split is much smaller – which I’m sure is why the other bureau felt entitled to mark up the speaker’s fee.

“My goal at the LVCSB is to be sure my clients are happy and are able to get the best speakers at the very best value. Saving them $10,000 was significant. They got the speaker they wanted and managed to stay on track with their budget. This is the most rewarding example of how hard we are willing to work for our clients at the LVCSB!”

She adds, “We can book nearly ANY speaker – even those who are exclusive with other

Qantas Hero Captain Richard DeCrespigny with LVCSB President Robin Jay
Qantas Hero Captain Richard DeCrespigny with LVCSB President Robin Jay, Who is Always on the Lookout for Incredible Speakers – Like the Captain!

bureaus. And we won’t mark up their fees! We want you to save, too, AND have the very best motivational and keynote speakers you can afford. And, if your meeting is in Las Vegas, I will be on site to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Robin says, “I’m always on the lookout for the very best speakers. Whenever I find someone who has a gift for really delivering an incredible speech, I make sure I get to meet them. That was the case when I heard Qantas Captain Richard DeCrespigny speak. I was positively spellbound! His story is so dramatic; he is a real hero who saved 469 lives on an Airbus A380 when a jet engine exploded. I can’t wait to book him for a speaking engagement because I KNOW my clients will LOVE him!”

Robin adds that the bureau is also in contact with the very best LOCAL Las Vegas Motivational and Keynote speakers. “We have an incredible network of speakers right here in Las Vegas,” she shares. If your budget is $5,000 or more, we can help you to save money no matter what kind of speaker you are looking for or what topics you need covered.” Jay has been a resident of Las Vegas for more than 36 years, and is also a Motivational Keynote Speaker and award-winning author, so she really understands the business and how to help meeting planners achieve their goals. Contact Robin – just click here to inquire about booking a speaker for your next event – in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world!

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