Motivational Speaker Video: A Marketing Must Have!

YouTube Video for Motivational Speakers

YouTube Video for Motivational Speakers

Motivational Speaker Video: You Won’t Get Booked Without It

As president of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, I can assure you – and every motivational speaker working today – that you can NOT get booked you unless you have THE most important marketing tool in your media kit: a Motivational Speaker Video. In fact, just this past week, I had a returning client who was looking for a specialty act to perform after their awards dinner. I know of a group that would be awesome. I could not convince my client that this group was perfect for their event because they didn’t have a great video.

I am approached by potential clients every week who are looking for a speaker, author, or expert on a specific topic. I create my proposals by following these steps:

First, I come here – to the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau website. I look at all the speakers I know personally and determine if they may be right for this particular client. If so, I add their names to my proposal. Topics may include marketing, facilitation, leadership, sales, social media, technology, innovation, etc. I may have one or two speakers whom I think will be perfect for this client. But, I want to offer my client a great selection, so I do the necessary research to present them with three, four or five options for their consideration.

Why You Need Great Motivational Speaker Video

My next step is to go to Google. I search the desired topic followed by the word “speaker.” I see who comes up on page 1. If I find a speaker who appears to have the expertise my client is looking for, I click over to YouTube and search that speaker by name. I have to SEE them in front of an audience (and NOT in front of a wrinkled bed sheet that was quickly hung up as a makeshift backdrop for a homemade video!)

Here is the cold hard truth: I can not book ANY speaker who doesn’t have a wonderful video of themselves speaking in front of an audience. And, that audience needs to respond to the speaker’s message – whether nodding along, taking notes, laughing, or otherwise appearing engaged.

I recently watched one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos in which he asked the audience for a show of hands. He dissed them for their halfhearted response. “Raise your hands like you mean it!” he commanded. They all chuckled and did as they were told. And they continued to raise their hands high with each question that followed. Gary was connecting with his audience. With a responsive video like this, I can SHOW a client the impact Gary has when speaking. They can see the audience reaction with their own eyes.

WHY Great Motivational Speaker Video is So Hard to Create

If it’s critical to have great video, why do so few experts have fabulous, engaging “motivational speaker video”? As a speaker, I can answer this. A speaker may be ON FIRE, but are the cameras rolling that day? More often than not, they aren’t. TIP: If you’re a speaker who needs video, record yourself EVERY time you speak in front of an audience! That way, you’ll be sure to get the cream of the crop of your presentations.

There are other times the cameras are on, but the audience is exhausted, like on the last day of a 4-day conference in Las Vegas. Plus, some audiences are all too aware of cameras rolling and become self-conscious; they are afraid to react. Getting outstanding motivational speaker video is usually left up to luck and great circumstances.

If you’re a speaker, I recommend that you put getting great motivational speaker video on the top of your to-do list immediately.  Also, record yourself EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK. If nothing is coming together, (likely because you don’t have video that will get you booked!), rent a room. Host a free seminar and invite all your friends to attend. Even 20 – 30 people can make for a great audience. Get the audience excited about your presentation. Bite the bullet, and pay a professional videographer to record your presentation as you hit a speech out of the park. Have it professionally edited. Have it sub-titled and optimized for search engines. Invest in yourself!

When I produced “The Keeper of the Keys,” I made sure that any of the experts who appeared in my film received clips of their segments from the film. It wasn’t an audience presentation, but it was a professionally-edited clip of the experts sharing a passionate message. These clips have had a tremendous impact – and in one case, even helped an expert to secure an international publishing deal! For more on my films, visit The Key Movies.

Check out this professionally produced and edited clip of Derek Mills from his standout appearance in “The Keeper of the Keys.”

Derek Mills presents a shining example of what a great video can do for your speaking career! For more on The Key Movies or help with your speaking career, contact

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