Motivational Speakers on PURPOSE – Now Available!

The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is pleased to announce the release of The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Purpose, the latest edition of The Power of the Platform anthology series.

As publisher of the series, I am very excited to share the messages in this book. The first edition in the series, Speakers on Success, has been a tremendous success. This newest book, due out 09/28/09, similarly features messages of motivation and inspiration, as well as business and life how-to information.

Speakers on Purpose features chapters from some of today’s most outstanding experts in personal development – including:

  • Jack Canfield – co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles
  • Brian Tracy, Owner of Brian Tracy Int’l. and personal development consultant.
  • Keith Ferrazzi, Author of Never Eat Alone, Who’s Got Your Back?, and founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight.
  • Marci Shimoff, Author of Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, and featured mentor in The Secret.
  • Les Brown, Motivational Speaker and Author.
  • All this as well as a foreword from Richard Bolles.

Also featured are such experts as Andy Ebon on Social Media, Chuck Bolton on Leadership, particularly supportive candor, and Brenda Bence on personal branding, just to name a few.

Purpose means many things to different people. It can mean living your life “on purpose,” as in fulfilling a calling, knowing your true purpose in life and acting upon it. It can mean Intention – as in doing something “on pupose.” It can also mean Passion – Purposefully living your life.

The chapters in the book are varied, and feature messages about the above definitions as well as business how-to, information on building relationships, using social media, and outstanding motivational messages. There is something to be gained from every chapter. The books are now available. To order, e-mail me at

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