Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Tanya Shares Message in Anthology

The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau announced today the release of “The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Life,” the newest edition in the anthology series that features messages from some of today’s most outstanding speakers. The foreword was written by Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson.

“It’s purely a coincidence that the books are being released during the anniversary week of Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder,” said publisher and speakers bureau president Robin Jay. “I’ve been working on this book since last November, and these books typically take between four to six months to complete.”

This is the third edition in the series, and it offers an incredible line-up of speakers and experts. Jay shares, “When Tanya said she would like to be a part of the book, I invited her to write the foreword. I’m delighted with her contribution. As a Mental Health Advocate, Tanya’s message is exactly what readers want to know – and her message set the stage for what is a truly remarkable collection of motivation, inspiration, and business how-to.”

Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown, contributor to "Speakers on Life"

“Nearly everyone remembers the murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, for which Simpson’s ex-husband, O. J. Simpson, was tried and acquitted. Simpson was later found liable in civil court and later arrested and convicted for a robbery in Las Vegas, Nevada.  But,” continued Jay, “most people don’t realize the wake of trauma that was caused by the murders and subsequent events, particularly for Nicole’s and Ron Goldman’s families.”

While Tanya originally joined forces with her sisters – Dominique and Denise – in speaking out against domestic violence, her personal journey took her down a different path – one that led her to become an advocate for positive mental health. Tanya discovered coping skills that would saved her own life after she found herself unable to move forward. She had not only lost her sister, but had also suffered many other personal tragedies.

Jay said, “Having Tanya write the foreword in this very important book will mean so much to so many. Her message is one of victory and I know the readers will identify with her story and come away stronger for having had this glimpse into what it takes to be a survivor.”

Tanya Brown’s foreword is just the beginning of a book that will transform lives. The professional speakers and coauthors who contributed to “The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Life” offer messages of personal development that will help people to find their passion, develop a greater sense of belief in themselves and others, along with several chapters that will help readers to achieve greater success in business. This is the third book in the series. The first two, “Speakers on Success” and “Speakers on Purpose,” have already sold more than 20,000 copies. All three books are also available in e-book format.

Each of the books feature messages from personal development and success experts Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown. The various editions also feature chapters from other notable professional speakers including Keith Ferrazzi, Marci Shimoff, Tom Stone, Arielle Ford, Dr. Tony Alessandra, and more.

For more information or to interview any of the coauthors, please contact Robin at the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau or call 702-460-1420.

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