The Power of the Platform Now on Facebook!

Check Out "The Power of the Platform" page on Facebook!

I just wanted to take a moment to share that The Power of the Platform now has a Facebook group page. I hope you will visit it and “LIKE” it! We are encouraging all of our speakers to post information about where they will be speaking, any new tips or book releases, and any other helpful information they find worth sharing.

Please take a look – and invite your friends to LIKE Us, too – we love the love. And if you’d like to see what it’s all about – just visit the page and post that you’d like to read a FREE chapter from the latest edition! I’ll send it to you PERSONALLY.

I recently video taped a few bytes with some suggestions for helping your business – one of which is why you should blog, and I also explained text message marketing – one of the newest, permission-based forms of advertising today. Check it out here:

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