The Power of the Platform

As President and Founder of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, I am personally inviting you to get published and become a co-author along with Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Amanda Gore, Marcia Wieder and many other nationally recognized and well-respected professional speakers in our upcoming book titled “The Power of the Platform ~ Speakers on Success.” This is the first edition in our new “Power of the Platform” series ~ destined to become a tremendous success.

As president of a speakers bureau in the #1 meeting capital of the world, I’m in a unique position to promote this work. I will make sure the book is put in front of all of the meeting planners at all of the major resorts in Las Vegas as well as with my many contacts in MPI (Meeting Professionals International) and with the Las Vegas Hospitality Association, Convention Services Association and Destination Services Association.

As a publisher, we pay for all the costs of editing, book formatting and layout, marketing, book cover artwork and the printing of all books. The book will retail for $19.95 and you, as a co-author will share in the profits by taking 500 books at the discount price of $6.72 per book ~ which gives you a profit of $13.23 per book sold at the retail price. Our books are soft bound and professionally printed, and feature 20 co-authors. This book will be available on Amazon and other retailers, as well as on the many Web sites of our authors. It will also be available through various distributors worldwide.

We currently have just 5 chapters left open for the “The Power of the Platform ~ Speakers on Success.” Along with their 1500-word chapter, each co-author will also be featured on a full page at the front of their chapter with a professional head shot and bio, along with their personal message and contact information. These books are a great way to create additional product for back-of-the-room sales, and they are also a great calling card. Being in the same book as some of the industry’s top motivators and personal development experts will lend additional credibility to your own platform and will also help you to generate new leads and contacts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

How much income can one book generate? Here is what Power of the Platform co-author S. Andrews had to say about being in this series: “I told my boss that I was contributing to a book with A-list speakers and she’s already given me TWO raises! I think it’s a combination of being impressed and being afraid I might leave to speak full time! Either way, I am now earning TRIPLE the percentage on my commissions than I was before the book! Robin, you were right. Being a published author definitely helps to define ourselves as experts!” This is what you can expect when you co-author an anthology with other experts. For additional information or to view some sneak preview excerpts from the newest personal development series, visit The Power of the Platform website.

Participating in a book about personal development that features some of the greatest experts of our time is a great way to reach new people AND meeting planners with your special message.

I am looking forward to helping you make your writing dreams come true. Check out this HOT cover artwork! But keep in mind this is only the preliminary version. There will be some changes as more speakers sign up. But at least you can see what it will look like and start anticipating the enthusiastic response readers will have to this dynamic presentation.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve your dreams.

Robin Jay

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