Personal Development Movie is a Speaker’s Marketing Shortcut

Marketing for Professional Speakers
Marketing for Professional Speakers
Jack Canfield with LVCSB President Robin Jay

If you’ve been speaking professionally, but haven’t yet attained the level of success you seek, the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau has the answer for you. Most speakers who want to share their experience and expertise with more audiences try everything from updating their Websites and marketing materials to reworking their presentations in the hopes of getting more speaking engagements, usually to no avail. And, personally, I receive several e-mails each week from speakers who are looking for more work. A bureau is not the same thing as a personal manager who will call to promote YOU exclusively. I try to find the very best ways for speakers to become more well-known.

Appearing in a personal development movie is a marketing shortcut for professional speakers.

If you are a professional speaker and are looking for a way to take your speaking career to a higher level, you need to attract all the attention you can. As the English evangelist John Wesley wrote, “I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn!” So it is with speaking! When I coach a speaker and they tell me they speak on “SALES” for instance, I ask them, “What are you going to say about sales that 5,000 OTHER speakers aren’t saying?” It is a speaker’s job to DISTINGUISH themselves from ALL THE OTHER SPEAKERS vying for the same gigs.

The answer to distinguishing yourself could be as easy as appearing in a personal development movie.

Most speakers have books. But since our society is rapidly becoming digital-based, The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is producing a personal development movie this year that will feature Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Tom Stone, Carlos Rey, and other outstanding experts. Imagine what appearing in a movie with these experts will do for your speaking career. This collaboration makes appearing in a movie affordable and, since people are judged by the company they keep, it will enable a few, chosen professional speakers to enjoy “success by association.” It’s a marketing and publicity gold mine!

Speakers appearing in this personal development movie will discover how easy it is to generate more business, raise their speaking fees, and reach more people. Appearing in a movie with nationally recognized leaders in the personal development industry can skyrocket a speaker into the public eye and provide that “something special” that meeting planners are looking for when booking speakers.

As president of the LVCSB, I will be producing the film, based upon an original screenplay. “The Keeper of the Keys” will blend a fictional storyline and characters with experts from the world of personal development. My goal for the project is twofold. “First, I want to empower the viewers. I will provide them with the keys to the universe by presenting them in a compelling, entertaining, and humorous movie they will want to watch. This way, they will be able to understand the ‘Universal Laws’ and discover how to apply them in their own lives. Secondly, I want to feature the experts in a brilliant and creative light and help them to reach more people than they ever imagined.”

The movie will feature Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff, two stand-out experts from the movie, ‘The Secret,’ along with other leaders and experts in the field of personal development. Appearing in ‘The Secret’ helped to make household names of many of the 24 experts who were fortunate enough to appear in that movie.

“The Keeper of the Keys” will feature just 16 experts, including Jack and Marci. Already more than half of the spots in the movie have been filled – and the list of experts is impressive. I am limiting the number of experts to 16 because I want each one to stand out, and I want to avoid the endless stream of talking heads that has seemed to dominate the genre of self-help films. This movie will be a real breakthrough … or, as one of the experts referred to it, ‘a cosmic EVENT!’

I am looking for experts who want to do everything they can to distinguish themselves from all the other speakers vying for the same speaking engagements. I want speakers who are passionate about their message, eager to succeed, and who are interested in doing all they can do to reach more people.

The screenplay is being written to include information about 12 Universal Laws, or ‘keys.’ I am using the word ‘keys’ instead of ‘laws’ because ‘laws’ sound like work to most people. I want the Universal Laws to have UNIVERSAL APPEAL! Keys are magical and open doors … and that is what this movie is going to do for the viewers. The experts in the film will be able to share their knowledge and stories and thereby empower the viewers with the keys to a better, more fulfilling, and happier life.

Each expert who takes part in the personal development movie will have special scenes written just for them to showcase their unique message. I am an award-winning writer and will be developing the screenplay along with the help of another expert writer. Some of the keys that will be featured include:

• A positive mental attitude
• Sound physical health
• Freedom from fear
• Tolerance – having an open mind in all situations
• Supply – the Law of Abundance
• Capacity for faith
• Economic Security – The Law of Compensation, and more.

The experts will also receive 500 copies of the DVD at a wholesale cost that they will be able to sell at retail, so they will earn 175% of their investment. And, they will be invited to attend the VIP Red Carpet Premiere of “The Keeper of the Keys” in Las Vegas, Nevada. This promises to be a night of stars that will include an incredible after-party.

I am working with the Levy Production Group, a state-of-the-art production studio in Las Vegas, and an incredible director. The movie will have international distribution through Michéle Bowen from Films that Inspire, the distribution company that handled the international distribution for the blockbuster personal development movie, “The Secret.”

Appearing in a personal development movie with Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and other outstanding speakers will provide experts with a fast track shortcut to greater success and more speaking gigs. If you are a professional speaker and you want to get more work, you have to stand out. Appearing in a star-filled movie like “The Keeper of the Keys” will provide a few, chosen experts with pure publicity and marketing gold.

There are currently just a few spots still available in “The Keeper of the Keys.” I am already in pre-production on the movie and am busy customizing the screenplay. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project and think you’ve got what it takes to take your career to a higher level, please contact me immediately. You can e-mail me at or call 702-460-1420 (PST).