Production Wraps on “The Keeper of the Keys”

Co-producers Robin Jay & Scott Cervine on the Set @ FlowMotion

Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, and Marci Shimoff to Appear in New Movie

June 30th marked the last day of regular shooting on “The Keeper of the Keys” – the speakers bureau’s personal development film starring Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, and Marci Shimoff along with a cast of extraordinary experts in all fields of personal development.


A new kind of personal development movie

“The Keeper of the Keys” is an innovative personal development movie that was created by the film’s producer and bureau president, Robin Jay. Robin was frustrated by the genre of personal development  films that amount to little more than endless streams of “talking heads.” She wanted to create a movie that was fun to watch, engaging, real-life, AND empowering to viewers. Her first step was to hire Scott Cervine to direct and star in the documentary. Robin had seen Scott in several films that he’d produced for Spiritual Cinema Circle and thought he’d be perfect on screen and behind the camera.

Scott became so excited about the project that he stepped up to co-produce and co-write the script with Robin. Scott’s production company is Movies from the Heart. His latest film is “The People vs. the State of Illusion”, which was produced by Austin Vickers. Scott also directed Debbie Ford’s movie, “The Shadow Effect”.

A Personal Development Movie that Will Empower Viewers

“The Keeper of the Keys” is a funny, narrative story for today. It’s about a man who was laid off from his job after 14 years with the same company. Before long, he starts to feel like a victim of his circumstances, projecting negativity in every aspect of his life. What makes this personal development movie so unique is the creative blending of a narrative story along with outstanding advice from some of the most engaging experts of our time. Add to that the fact that the movie was filmed at several dramatic locations and it’s assured that viewers are in for a real treat.

"Keys" Producer Robin Jay on the set with Jack Canfield

Filming wrapped with a trip to the FlowMotion studios in Camarillo, California. Robin and Scott flew down  to capture Jack Canfield’s segments for the film.

“Jack is brilliant,” Robin reported. “His insights and comments are sure to resonate with the viewers. He spoke to all seven keys and shared stories that were exactly what people need to hear today.”

Robin says the “Law of Attraction” has never been more prominent in her life than it has been with this project. “What started out as a modest production has grown exponentially. From Scott stepping up to co-produce, co-write, and partner with me every step of the way to Jack, Marci, and John making time to appear in the movie. This project has exceeded my expectations in every way.

“Another incredible aspect of the production has been the caliber of experts who have come together to share their knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. Without them, the movie would not be as powerful. The list of experts includes:

Max Bolka, Carolyn Finch, Kathleen Haden, Molly Lord,  Raven Magwood, Derek Mills, Regina Murphy, Jerry Olivarez, Steve Olsher, Lisa Ryan, Jennifer Sabin, Tom Stone, Hueina Su, and Laura Vobornik.

“The contributions of each of these experts will resonate with the viewers in a deeply personal way. These amazing speakers, coaches, and mentors dug deeply into their life experiences in order to share stories that we don’t get to hear from the platform. They fulfilled a tremendous purpose by exposing themselves and their personal challenges in order to empower the viewers.

“Add to that the network of friends and professionals I am honored to know who have offered their time, energy, and places of business in order to help make our ‘Keys’ movie a tremendous success. These include Brenden Theatres, The Palm Restaurant, The Firm Public Relations & Marketing, The Parisian Palace, as well as my FABULOUS friends who stepped up to appear in the movie, including knockout actress Lindsey Lauer, Michael Manfredi, Jay Alpert, Tom Zwicker, Barry Berlin, Leslie Zwicker, Carol Scott, Fiona Carmichael, and all the others. Our cast and crew did an extraordinary job and I’m filled with gratitude that is overwhelming.”

Brenden Theatres is kicking up the VIP Red Carpet Premiere in December. Subscribe to this bureau blog for updates. And, for a few experts who missed the opportunity to appear in and share their insights in the movie, Robin says they will be filming Special Features segments in mid-August. These segments will appear on the DVD so that a few, chosen experts will be able to be a part of this amazing production. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS AS THEY UNFOLD!

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