Now Seeking Experts for Speakers on Life!

The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is currently seeking professional speakers – experts in their field – to become coauthors in the THIRD edition of The Power of the Platform. This hugely successful speaker anthology series helps speakers to define themselves as experts while providing them with a fabulous “back-of-the-room” package to offer their audiences.

Now Seeking Experts for Speakers on Life!
Now Seeking Experts for Speakers on Life!

Each coauthor will also get the e-book edition FREE to bundle with the paperback. But that’s not all! The coauthors will also receive for FREE the first two e-books in the series, along with permission to sell ALL THREE e-books, bundled or as stand-alone products to sell. This means that 20 smart coauthors will have a $50 package to sell – 1 paperback and 3 e-books – when they contribute to this paperback edition.

The newest book in the speakers anthology series will be subtitled Speakers on Life – and will encompass all aspects of life: business and personal. If you are a professional speaker – whether you speak on motivation, inspiration, or business how-to, and you want to elevate your expert status by being included in a book along with such iconic speakers as Jack Canfield and Les Brown, then seize this opportunity now! Napoleon Hill said that being decisive was one of the most important characteristics of successful people. Here is a sample of what some of the Power of the Platform coauthors are saying about their experience as coauthors in this outstanding series has meant to them:

“Accepting the invitation to contribute a chapter to Power of the Platform was a great decision for my speaking career. Being positioned alongside a stellar group of speaker/authors has provided both enhanced credibility and profitability. Being a featured author in Power of the Platform is one of the key reasons why my public speaking calendar has soared.” ~ Andy Ebon, The Wedding Marketing Authority,, EBS Virtual Communications

“I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for changing my life and opening doors to a whole other wonderful world. It’s amazing how contagious positive thinking and positive, ambitious people are and you are number one on that list. Prior to the book marketing event, I really had no idea how much work goes into this business. Your willingness to help “newbies” in this industry is amazing and very much appreciated. THANK YOU!” ~ Marion Richardson,, Compliance & Risk Management Professional/Health Care

“Robin delivered the books right on schedule. Her personal attention to the editing made a tremendous difference in the way the book flows, offering something for everyone. The feedback I’ve had from my clients has been phenomenal; everyone agrees it offers tremendous insights, entertaining stories, and lessons we can all use. I love having this book as a marketing tool. I’ve only had the book for four months so far and already it’s helped me to generate leads for several paid speaking engagements! The quality of these books exceeds anything else I’ve seen in this genre.” Yasmine Bijan,

The LVCSB works hard to promote these books and our coauthors – with meeting planners and with the general public, as is illustrated in the following book trailer. Enjoy and share this with your friends! And, if you are a professional speaker – an expert in your field, please contact me at Robin at for more information on how YOU can become a coauthor in the next edition of The Power of the Platform!

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