A Project 20 Years in the Making

Now Available! The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Success
Now Available! The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Success

There is something so fulfilling about creating a goal and then realizing it. I remember seeing Dr. Wayne Dyer speaking at the Artemus Ham Hall at UNLV about 20 years ago. During a break, people lined up to shake his hand and tell him what an inspiration he’d been to them. I thought to myself, “That’s what I want to do….to be an inspiration to others.” Also, I thought it was pretty cool that he found a way to surround himself with positive people.

Wherever I’ve worked in the past, I found the commiseration between fellow employees one of the most distracting, negative aspects of office life. While I think it’s generally great that people bond, share and build camaraderie, I have no tolerance for your typical “Cheese and WHINE” parties that occur in office settings.

When I worked at a magazine, there was a big kitchen where most of the employees would gather for breaks and meals. I had to pass through that area on my in and out of the building and on my way to client lunches, when the kitchen was bustling with lunchtime activity and chatter. I hardly ever stayed in for lunch – and if I did, it was to get some work done at my desk. In the few moments it would take me to pass through that kitchen, I would hear so many negative conversations that I couldn’t leave fast enough!

The employees complained about everything from their spouses and kids to their health insurance, physical ailments, and work environment. A victim mentality was prevalent. People expected others – whether it be their employers, the government, or their parents – to take care of them – even more than they felt the need to take care of themselves and accept responsibility for where they were and what their lives were like. It was one of the most depressing places I’ve ever worked…but, on the bright side, it contributed to my need to move along.

I devised a plan and started writing a book. Thoughts of book signings and being a published author moved me forward. I wish I had hired a mentor – someone who had done what I wanted to do and who could have saved me steps, time and money. I think because we can all read, write and speak, we don’t realize there is a difference between that and being an author or a professional speaker!

Two years later, I was able to resign. People – my friends and family – thought I was nuts. I told everyone I was simply going to take a break and wait out my 6-month non-compete. But before the six months was up, I knew I could never go back to that kind of environment again.

Now, I work from 7AM – 11PM most days and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My work is fulfilling and each new project is exciting and stimulating. But some of the best perks are not having to deal with the traffic (I am usually right here at my computer or flying somewhere to speak), and not having to be surrounded by negative people.

The industry in which I now work is ripe with those with genuinely want to help others to succeed, and they are encouraging and delightful to be around. I am so fortunate to have found a way to become a published author and motivational speaker.

Now, five years after I resigned from my advertising sales job, I can reflect on all the accomplishments for which I am grateful. I self-published and later sold my work to a publisher, have been published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, been in several anthologies and even a personal development movie. Not a bad five years! And I’m earning in the top 5% for professional speakers. Had I hired a mentor, I’m sure I could have been here sooner, but at least I finally made it. Onward and upward!

Now, I’m thrilled to share my latest project – one that delights me more than anything I’ve done during these past few years. I am publishing an anthology that features the wisdom of some of the country’s most incredible personal development experts, including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Amanda Gore, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Marcia Wieder, Dr. Nick Hall and more. “The Power of the Platform ~ Speakers on Success” is going to transform the lives of its readers.

Imagine having inspirational, motivational and how-to advice from these leaders in personal development – all in the convenience of a book that you can read when you need a lift, advice or simply want to be inspired. It’s like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” on steroids! It will inform, amuse, entertain and uplift….and even get you through those rough spots where it seems no one cares or you aren’t sure which end is up. It will be a fabulous book to share with your co-workers, loved ones, children and friends.

I’m busy compiling the chapters, chasing down bios, headshots, and stories from the incredible coauthors. I can’t wait for this book to be published. It will be ready in December. Whenever anything comes together with such ease and grace, you just know it was meant to be. Maybe for the second edition, I’ll get Dr. Dyer and some of my other earlier influencers to contribute a chapter! I know without a doubt that this anthology was at LEAST twenty years in the making. I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

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