“The Secret” Meets “Harry Potter” in New Personal Development Movie

SC, RJ, Window scene
SC, RJ, Window scene
Scott Cervine & Robin Jay, in character, in a scene from "The Keeper of the Keys"

Imagine a self-empowerment movie that is actually entertaining! It’s never been done before. And you’ve probably never seen a self-help film with special effects, either, have you?

Well, fasten your seatbelts … because you are about to. “The Keeper of the Keys” is going to show the self-empowerment community that just because this is serious business doesn’t mean it can’t also be entertaining. Be prepared to experience “The Secret” meets “Harry Potter”!

The film is the brainchild of producer is Robin Jay – president of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau. She is also an award-winning author, speaker, and motivator. She had an idea to make a movie that would EMPOWER viewers – yet it would also be compelling, engaging, entertaining, and …yes… even funny!

“It hasn’t been done before,” Robin shared. “I got bored watching one self-help movie after another and I found it increasingly difficult to get through them. They were carbon copies of the most successful movie, ‘The Secret’, though they lacked imagination or anything fresh. Most of them were endless streams of ‘talking heads,’ and offered nothing new.”

“These movies all have similar, one-word titles, each beginning with ‘THE…’ In fact, many of the experts started referring to them as the ‘THE movies’! I felt the personal development industry needed to raise the bar if they expect movies to replace personal development books, a trend which is happening quickly with fiction and other non-fiction genres.”

“I started by inviting some of the most popular speakers of our time: Jack Canfield, John Gray, PhD, and Marci Shimoff.I was thrilled to get these amazing experts to share in this film. And they were all game to play along with our characters in order to make the storyline genuinely interesting. The project also attracted some of the most outstanding speakers, authors, and coaches of our time. I can’t wait for the viewers to hear the deeply personal stories that these incredible experts shared in this movie. I can assure viewers that they will not hear ANYTHING they have heard before. Our experts understood the importance of contributing new, meaningful dialogue and they really delivered!”

Robin says she got some help from some very big names. “I emailed producer/director Stephen Simon. He produced one of the most popular, romantic films of all time – ‘Somewhere in Time’ – with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, as well as ‘What Dreams May Come’ with Robin Williams, and also produced and directed ‘Conversations with God’ with Neale Donald Walsch. Stephen co-founded Spiritual Cinema Circle because he wanted to bring more uplifting, meaningful, and happy movies to the world. He was upset over the prevalence of violence in films today and wanted to do something about it. I’m a huge fan so I figured why not start at the top?!”

"The Keeper of the Keys" Producer Robin Jay & Director Scott Cervine on set at FlowMotion in Camarillo, CA.

“Our first phone call was incredible,” said Robin. “I could not respect Stephen more, so when he started offering advice, I grabbed a pen and started writing. He was a tremendous influence. He said if the movie is going to be different and funny, then it would need to be REALLY different and VERY funny. When he heard I was interested in bringing in Scott Cervine as director and lead actor, he was on board 1000%. He has known and worked with Scott for nearly 10 years. He thought Scott – and his production company, ‘Movies From the Heart,’ would be ideal for this project. And, after working intensely with Scott for the past few weeks of production, I could not be happier or agree more.”

“Scott stepped up as director and actor, but he also became so enthralled with the project that he wanted to partner with me on it, and co-produce the movie – including working on the narrative script and handling all the editing. As they say in the movie business, he ‘made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.’ And that was the start of what has been the most incredible experience of my life,” Robin said. “Never before have I felt the ‘Law of Attraction’ at work as I have since I began this movie project. Everything has come together divinely – it’s been pure magic.”

Robin added, “This movie is cinematic, dramatic, funny, fresh, and promises to capture the imagination of viewers around the world. We filmed at several locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and California. The movie has an extremely unique look. And, more importantly,” she continued, “I believe it will empower the viewers and help them to take responsibility for their lives, gain greater understanding of how the universe works, and come away with renewed optimism and passion. They will gain all this while being entertained and laughing their way through this documentary.”

The VIP Red Carpet Premiere will be hosted by Robin Jay on December 8th, 2011, at the Brenden Theatres at the Palms Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Subject to availability, special guests will include Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and the featured experts and speakers from the movie, “The Keeper of the Keys.” Robin is also planning an intimate meet-n-greet luncheon on the day of the premiere so that viewers and fans can meet the experts and have a photo opportunity.

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