Speaker Harry Paul Offers Solutions to Challenging Times in New Book

harry-paul-instant-turnaround-book-coverIf your company’s bottom line has taken a serious hit because of today’s economic climate, speaker and author Harry Paul has the answers you are looking for.

Most companies answered the economic downturn by laying off workers only to discover they succeeded in creating a new monster – employees with reduced morale who now work less or jump ship altogether. The result? Poor productivity, rising costs, and a situation that appears even more dismal than before.

Getting employees excited about coming to work and then getting them to work hard requires that managers at ALL levels, including SENIOR executives, embrace a program called Destination: Work. Harry shows management executives how to do this in his new book, Instant Turnaround: Getting Employees Excited About Coming to Work and Working Hard, written along with Ross Reck, Ph.D.

Just a few of the tips Paul offers are as follows:

  • Management needs to shift their focus onto the people. When employees are well taken care of, they will take care of the company.
  • It’s also essential to motivate with trust, rather than by using fear, which is all too contagious in today’s business world.
  • Work needs to be fun, too. It’s essential for employees to tap into their passion, which creates enthusiasm for their work.
  • Also, senior management needs to become involved with front-line employees. Seeing their bosses “get their hands dirty,” helps employees to feel more like part of a winning team.

Destination: Work is free, easy, and brings INSTANT results! If your company is feeling the effects of the downturn in the economy, book Harry Paul for your next meeting, conference, or retreat. His presentation will be positively transformational!

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