Speakers & Meeting Planners: Things Are Looking UP!

Whether you are a motivational speaker or a meeting planner, cheer up! The word on the street is that the meeting business is picking up. 2010 is looking better than ever, so prepare yourself to work hard all year!

Motivational Speakers should have a user-friendly Website, digital media kit, and current keynotes that take the last year’s events and climate into consideration. Make it easy on Meeting Planners – make it a pleasure for them to work with you. Have everything you might need ready and available.

Then, make your audiences happy. Deliver high-content information in keynote speeches and breakout sessions that are memorable. Inspire, motivate, and inform.

Meeting planners and speakers bureaus will work with those speakers who are adaptable, pleasant, and eager-to-please. As for those awesome Meeting Professionals….the LVCSB works with some of the most outstanding motivational and business speakers of our time. We love, love, love to make you happy so you will choose to work with us again and again. We look forward to helping you soon.

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