Speakers: Star in New Self-help Film with Brian Tracy, Mariel Hemingway

The World's #1 Most Popular Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy Will Appear in "The Keys to Oz", the Newest Self-help Film from the LVCSB and TwoBirds, Inc.
The World’s #1 Most Popular Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy Will Appear in “The Keys to Oz”, Self-help Film

Self-Help Film Opportunity for Successful Motivational Speakers

What would appearing in a new self-help film mean to YOUR speaking career? The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is announcing an extremely limited opportunity for just EIGHT experts to appear in the new self-help film, “The Keys to Oz”, currently in development. Appearing in a successful self-help film is the best way to distinguish yourself from all the other speakers who present on your topic. It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, and it’s MARKETING GOLD that will last a lifetime.

Self-help Film to Feature #1 Most Popular Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy

“The Keys to Oz” will star the world’s #1 Most Popular Motivational Speaker BRIAN TRACY (SOURCE: Alexa.com), along with Academy Award nominated actress, author, healthy lifestyle advocate, and celebrity MARIEL HEMINGWAY. The film’s writer/producer Robin Jay expects to announce one or two more stars who will appear in the film as soon as she has confirmation.

Self-help Film Will Also Feature Mariel Hemingway, Actress, Healthy Lifestyle Pro and Mental Health Advocate

 “The Keys to Oz” is going to be a prequel to “The Keeper of the Keys”,

Mariel Hemingway to Appear in New Self-help Film
Mariel Hemingway will Appear as a Spiritual Guide in New Self-help Film from TwoBirds, Inc., Titled “The Keys to Oz”

which was the first funny self-help film ever. Both films are written and produced by Jay. They are a unique hybrid of expert testimonials and deeply personal stories of transformation, carried along by engaging, entertaining, and funny fictional stories. The fictional – or narrative stories – parody the messages of some of our most treasured classic stories. “The Keeper of the Keys” embraced some of the “other-worldly” goings-on from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and “The Keys to Oz” draws several messages from Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

In  “The Keeper of the Keys”, we met “Elizabeth,” a mysterious spiritual guide, played by Jay. The film stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff. It won the Las Vegas Film Festival award for Best Independent Film and The INDIE Fest award for Best Documentary, and has been picked up for North American distribution through Passion River Films.

Self-help Film Features Compelling, Entertaining, Empowering Story

Robin Jay is delighted that Mariel Hemingway has committed to appear in the film. Mariel will portray “GWEN”, a spiritual guide who is about to retire. Brian Tracy will appear in the part of “Mr. Asher,” a variation of the “wizard” character. Both self-help experts will play the roles of these powerful characters, combining their own wisdom and stories within the framework of the entertaining fictional story. The pair is on hand to intervene in Elizabeth’s life at a time when she has just received bad news and is at a complete loss.

Jay said, “When Brian and Mariel agreed to appear in this film, I was completely over-the-moon. They will each bring incredible qualities and life experiences to this film. I was delighted when Mariel shared that she, too, had been disappointed in the caliber of self-help films that have been released ever since the blockbuster success of ‘The Secret’ – the film that brought Personal Development to the masses. When she found out I was determined to elevate the self-help film genre, she was excited to be a part of it.”

About Self-help Film Star Mariel Hemingway

Mariel has incredible passion and a love of the outdoors…connecting with nature and becoming younger through food, breath, exercise, and nature. She has partnered with Robert Williams, (Bobby), an eco adventurer whose life has been dedicated to adventure, healing, and nature. Mariel and Bobby’s new book, The WillingWay, is launching March 6, 2013. Together, they are traveling all over the country sharing what they know about anti-aging, connecting in nature, having fun and feeling great. The book will help readers to discover a more fulfilling life of simplicity, adventure, stillness, and laughter. In The Willing Way, Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams share their dynamic and authentic approach to living mindfully and healthfully, offering concrete action steps that readers can take to improve their health and overall quality of their lives.

The Willing Way from Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams
“The Willing Way” (March, 2013) is the newest book from Mariel Hemingway, star of the upcoming self-help film, “The Keys to Oz”, and Bobby Williams

Mariel is also outspoken in her advocacy for mental health. She currently has a thought-

provoking and powerful personal documentary out called Running from Crazy that documents her journey to find answers to the mental health struggles and 7 suicides her family has endured. Jay says, “Having Mariel on board for this new film will bring a tremendous depth to so many issues of our time, and she’s absolutely brilliant on camera.”

For other, lesser-known but very successful speakers, appearing in this self-help film is an opportunity to appear with internationally-acclaimed self-help stars. Jay shares, “The ‘STARS’ are what give the film it’s cache and draw. But, we also need up-and-coming ‘EXPERTS’ – successful speakers who have a tremendous message to share and who are anxious to take their speaking careers to a higher level. Appearing in this film is an outstanding marketing opportunity for a very limited number of experts. It’s my goal to avoid the ‘Talking Head Syndrome’ that seems to dominate the self-help film genre. By limiting the film to just 3 or 4 stars and just 8 or 9 experts, each expert will have more on screen time and will be better able to share their message and leave viewers knowing more about who they really are and the gifts they have to share. The experts will pre-purchase their supply of DVDs, which helps to offset the cost of the production.”

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Robin at RobinJay.com or call her at 702-460-1420 for details.

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