Tip Your Servers ESPECIALLY at Business Meals!

As you go around this holiday season to visit with friends and family, remember to drink responsibly, worry about calories next month, and tip generously. Sometimes an extra dollar or two will mean so much more to your server than to you.

Speaking of tipping generously, my cousin Jodi woke me up practically frantic at 8AM this morning. My niece Lindsey, Jodi’s daughter, is an amazingly talented singer and dancer, currently living in NYC waiting for a big break. In the meantime, she’s working three jobs to stay afloat. One of these gigs is as a waitress at a small restaurant. A MAJOR television star came in last night. Apparently, everyone at the restaurant took great care of him (as I’m sure they do for ALL their guests!) – right down to Lindsey singing along as the blonde action star tapped silverware to the glasses on the table, creating some rhythm. His check was less than $100. His tip? TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! He apparently wrote a note to the manager that it was intentional, not a mistake, and was being given in the spirit of the holidays. Holy cow!

For a business lunch, you don’t have to tip 2000%, but you should always tip AT LEAST 20%. People pay attention to your generosity and most of us prefer to work with other generous people. It may just leave a lasting impression.

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