The Truth about Motivational Speakers and BOOKS

Coming Soon - The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Purpose
Coming Soon - The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Purpose

If you are a professional speaker and you don’t have a book, you are missing out on one of the best ways to earn more EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK! Plus – ask any author and they will tell you that having a book is like having a BUSINESS CARD ON STEROIDS! There is no better way to share your message or promote yourself as a speaker than by offering someone a copy of your book.

Having a book is impressive! And being in a book along with some of the most popular names in Personal Development – names like Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Keith Ferrazzi, Marci Shimoff, and Barbara DeAngelis – will lend success by association. If you already have a book, being in this anthology will create a dynamic synergy that will boost your speaking career AND and your signature book sales!

Dan Poynter, author of the Self-Publishing Manual, said that when you have a book, people think you know something – and you DO! You have your personal experience to share, plus the research you did to write your book. He adds that there is nothing as impressive as being published.

Many speakers are intimidated and don’t know how to go about getting published. The thought of penning an entire book can be overwhelming! Then, the trials and tribulations of either self-publishing or taking a book to market are scary enough to keep ANYONE from sharing their important message. That is why the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau now offers a fast, easy, affordable way for speakers to get published.

The Power of the Platform is a series of anthologies that features chapters from some of the most outstanding Personal Development Experts of our day. These books are the ultimate Brochure that people will KEEP forever! Not only do these books serve the coauthors by providing a wonderful product to sell in the back of the room when they speak, but the bureau also puts these books into the hands of meeting professionals everywhere – especially in Las Vegas – the “Meeting Capital of the World!”

These books are a real WIN-WIN for everyone involved. Speakers simply provide a 750-1500 word chapter, a BIO, and a hi-res headshot – that’s it…We do the rest! And there is no fee to be in the book; speakers just buy 500 copies of the book – which they will want to have to sell and use as marketing tools – and they get them at a low, wholesale price. In just a few weeks, they will have a book with a great markup that will help them to earn more EVERY TIME THEY SPEAK. Plus, they will immediately enjoy the benefits of success by association – being featured in a high-quality book with incredible experts.

If you are a speaker and you don’t have a book yet, we’d love to help you. And, if you are already published, imagine reaching new people through this book – meeting professionals and others who might otherwise never come to know you. This is an amazing project. We’d love to have you join our family. Just contact for more information and a FREE copy of the Speakers on Success e-book! Reserve your space in history TODAY!

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