Who’s Got YOUR Back?


I FINALLY got to meet the incredible Keith Ferrazzi today! Keith is very special; I’ve waited YEARS to meet him, so finally having this opportunity meant the world to me.

I first heard of Keith in 2005, a few months before my signature book, The Art of the Business Lunch, was released. One of my friends e-mailed me frantically, upset at the thought that perhaps I had been beaten to the punch on my business lunch book! Keith’s new book, Never Eat Alone, had just been published! I IMMEDIATELY ordered a copy and read it cover to cover the moment it arrived.

I sighed with relief as I discovered that his wonderful book was about making connections, introductions, and following up (everything I believe in)…but it was not about taking clients to lunch. I wrote about how to enrich your life and build your business by introducing a social aspect into your business relationships. And, while Keith and I are definitely on the same page, our books were very different. Phew! Sigh! But, he’s been on my RADAR ever since and I hoped that one day I would finally get to meet him.

I loved reading Keith’s book. He understands the importance of building relationships better than anyone. In fact, I usually quote him when I’m speaking on how to navigate those anxiety-inducing networking events. I always say, “Never be what Keith Ferrazzi calls a ‘networking jerk’; you know the one – they are passing out their business cards, sipping their cocktail, half paying attention to their conversation with you…all the while looking over your shoulder for a ‘bigger fish to fry.'”

Not only did I get to meet Keith today, but I was also fortunate enough to get an advance copy of his newest book, “Who’s Got Your Back.” WGYB focuses on Keith’s new, breakthrough program to build deep, trusting relationships (at a time when society needs trustworthy people more than ever)! And, even more importantly – he reveals the SECRET to finding the THREE PEOPLE who will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Ready to order a copy for yourself and your friends or coworkers? If you pre-order just FOUR books, you’ll get to join Keith on an EXCLUSIVE COACHING CALL and instantly unlock some incredible resources, including a Goals Toolbox!

This is an outstanding value! PLUS those people fortunate enough to be on your gift list will know immediately how highly you regard them when you give this book as a gift. It will show them that YOU’VE got THEIR Back! Click here to pre-order your copies NOW, and receive Keith’s special offer!

If you have the chance to see Keith on his upcoming tour/book launch, make the time. He’s real, his message is one that we desperately need to hear RIGHT NOW, and I believe that seeing him will change your life. In fact, I just saw him transform 2,000 audience members today; he is remarkable.

If you are interested in bringing Keith in to speak at your event, please contact me at Robin at LVCSB.com. I’d love for you to hear his transformational, timely message. We ALL need time with Keith!

I get to end another day completely filled with gratitude for the many gifts in my life. Special thanks to Keith for making me feel special today and to Jordan for making our rendezvous possible.

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