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Robin Jay, Speakers Bureau President

Robin Jay: I’ve been speaking for more than 20 years and running the LVCSB for more than 17.  I know what speakers want and why they struggle to earn what they are worth. I can help you!

In 2006, I founded the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau. By being on the other side, I finally discovered how the speaking industry really works. Now, I am excited to show you how to monetize your message by sharing my INSIDER’S SECRETS!

I’m Robin Jay, President of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau. EVERY speaker wants to get listed on LVCSB.com. I don’t blame them, either!  The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is an elite speakers bureau, it has tremendous SEO (Search Engine Optimization) AND it’s right in the middle of the “Convention Capital Of North America” … Las Vegas, Nevada!

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~ Robin Jay
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Here I am on the red carpet at the premiere of my first, award-winning film, “The Keeper of the Keys.” I wrote and produced it. I also co-starred in it along with Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, & John Gray – the most successful non-fiction authors and speakers of our time.