Author in 90 Days

Become an Author in 90 Days!

If You’re a Motivational Speaker but You’ve Yet to Write Your Book …. You Need to Know THIS:
  • There’s no better way to reach a greater audience and share your important message than through a book
  • A book can help generate additional PAID speaking engagements
  • Having a book will help you in negotiations with meeting planners
  • Being an author lends added credibility to your expertise

Having a book helps you to define yourself as an expert … … and become a leader in your field!

As an award-winning author, I know the pure JOY of getting published. In fact, I became a speaker to talk about my first book! Today, my book represents me and is the reason many meeting planners have sought to book me for paid speaking engagements. As a professional speaker, I know you have a story to tell. I want to help you become a published author so you, too, can discover the exciting world that awaits you as an author. Becoming an author can help you to define yourself as an expert, build your brand and reputation, give you an advantage in negotiations with meeting planners, and help you to excel in business in ways you may never have imagined. But, there are many challenges – from actually getting your book written to publishing & marketing it. I will make it EASY for you. Don’t put it off another day. In fact, if you start NOW, you can become an Author in 90 Days … Guaranteed!* This is an incredibly comprehensive and personalized course that includes all the support you’ll need. Once you understand the importance of writing, you will be able to publish:
  • Articles – online, in magazines, and newspapers
  • Books – imagine being a published author!
  • Write website copy that sells!
  • Get hired to write reports and documents for printing or to be downloaded.
  • E-books – a NO COST revenue producer that you can create!

Writer Coaching Program: “Author in 90 Days”

Here is what you’ll get:
  • You will keep 100% of the rights to your book – and 100% of the royalties!
  • I will introduce you to a top literary agent in the industry
  • You will have a completed digital e-book/Kindle edition in 90 days; printed hard cover or paperback options available
  • Your book will be listed on AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, and more!
  • Discover the inside scoop on what it takes to create a #1 bestseller online
  • Access to all my resources – including literary agents, printers, editors, & marketing consultants
  • I will show you how to write a book proposal that will help get your book SOLD!
  • Private 1-on-1 time to address your unique challenges and help you to move past them
  • Mastermind sessions to help you write your best work ever
  • Original cover design!
  • Discover Distribution on Demand, Print on Demand, and how you can save on printing.
  • When you sell your book as Print on Demand, Amazon will deposit money in your account every month you sell your books through them!
  • Enjoy creative support: editing for thought, comprehension, and cohesiveness!
  • Print run options and flexibility: Print 1 copy or 1,000+
  • Coaching on how to speak about the subject of your book
  • Complete layout and typesetting
  • How to decide if you need to create a book proposal
  • I will help you decide whether to SELL your book or SELF-PUBLISH; I’ll share the advantages of both options
  • Discover how your book can help you launch or build your speaking career, so you can earn $5,000, $10,000, or more as a professional speaker
  • I will do anything and everything I can to help you move from where you are to a life of sharing your talent and gifts with the world –and you’ll have fun doing it!
YOU Will Be an Author in Just 90 Days! You will benefit from this package if:
  • You know your message, but you need help making the right connections and need guidance to pull it all together.
  • You feel that what you’re doing isn’t getting you to where you want to be. You need help formulating your unique message and figuring out how it can help you transition into the life of your dreams.
Why have ME help you? Here is just some of what my writing clients have to say: “You were so encouraging and now, thanks to your excellent coaching, I have become an published author and started to officially build my speaking career – something I’ve wanted to pursue for a long time. You are assertive, creative, and encouraging. Your coaching sessions are amazing. You always give your best, and go the extra mile to entertain and educate. Thank you, Robin, for helping me to reach my goals and realize so many of my dreams!” ~ Rachel Magario “Dear Robin, Being a part of your anthology series helped me find my true purpose! I am excited to discover the gift of writing and to know that through my writing, I will be able to inspire and encourage others to accomplish their goals and discover their true purpose. Robin, you are such a blessing to me. I am ever so grateful that God placed you in my path! I appreciate your sincerity and passion for success, and for sharing your insights and wisdom with me! Thank you!” ~ Robbie Chaney “AUTHOR IN 90 DAYS” Packages: ONE ON ONE Package: Includes everything you see listed above, including:
  • Weekly ONLINE meetings with me, 1-on-1, to help you to develop your book
  • FULL grammatical editing (by a YALE English Graduate!)
  • Professional, outsourced Typesetting & Formatting package
  • ISBN & Bar Code
  • Listing on the Website
GROUP Package: Everything you see listed above, for 2 or more writers. Collaborate with your friends and fellow authors! Together, you’ll enjoy weekly ONLINE meetings with me and all group members to develop your unique story into a digital book.


  Also Available:
  • A print run of paperback books, 500 – 2500+ copies, for as little as $4.00/book
*Guarantee: You must complete all super easy, super fun weekly assignments to finish your book & become an Author in 90 days! Get published today! Call me to find out how: (702) 460-1420, or e-mail me at Robin at  
Speaker/Author Robin Jay has been interviewed by national and international media outlets for her expertise on sales and business relationships.
When I first became a published author, these international media outlets scrambled to interview me! You may get to experience the thrill of similar outlets wanting your opinion, too. It’s wonderful to help and inspire others.

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