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Module 1 Don’t Speak Again Until You’ve Seen This!
Unit 1 Overview of the Course  - Preview  
Unit 2 Key 1: The Biggest Mistakes Most Speakers Make  
Unit 3 Key 2: Put Yourself in THIS Speaker Category  
Unit 4 Key 3: The Questions You HAVE to Ask!  
Unit 5 Key 4: Never Use the Platform to Teach  
Module 2 The Science & Psychology Behind Earning More EVERY Time You Speak
Unit 1 Key 5: How to Have Everything You Want  
Unit 2 Key 6: Keys to Financial Independence  
Unit 3 Key 7: Two Things that Can Keep You from Making Enough Money  
Unit 4 Key 8: Do You Have the 5 Traits that All Successful People Have?  
Module 3 The Irresistible Keys Essential for Your Success
Unit 1 Key 9: Your Irresistible Offer  
Unit 2 Key 10: The Irresistible Close  
Unit 3 Key 11: BRANDING: How to Define Yourself  
Unit 4 Key 12: Creating Your "Rock Star" BIO  
Module 4 Game-Changing Presentation Secrets
Unit 1 Key 13: Designing Your Ideal Products  
Unit 2 Key 14: Six "Must Haves" for Your Speaker Site  
Unit 3 Key 15: Level Up Your IMPACT  
Unit 4 Key 16: Essentials of a "Kick-Ass" Demo Video  
Unit 5 Key 17, THE Secret to AWESOME Presentations  
Unit 6 Key 18, Your Fee ... and When to Raise It